Promote your Business News & Stories with these 12 Free Press Release Sites

Promote your Business News & Stories with these 12 Free Press Release Sites

Stories happen daily, either in the business or in the lives of people running these businesses, and these stories provide ample opportunities to grow your business if you share and spread them correctly to the right people using the right media options.


So what can be the right media options?

You can share your stories on social media (Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin). Linkedin is always a better option for sharing business stories but you must have a great number of connections. Other than social media you can share your stories to the news sites or you can contact press release sites for doing the same.

Sharing stories on news sites can be difficult as it’s hard to find and contact the right person but going for a press release distribution service can be a much better option.


What is Press Release, and how it works?

Press Release is a term used when one publishes an official statement or news or story on news sites or in the newspapers. So it works like that, imagine your company is launching a new product, and you want to broadcast this information in the newspapers or over the internet so that a great number of people can know about this new launching, and that’s where you contact either the news sites or press release sites to share an article or news about it.  So this way you get coverage on various sites and your business or new product get promoted. Press release sites also help businesses to make them more reliable and credible as they get coverage and people find it more satisfying! You can learn more about the press release benefits here.


Are Press Release Free or Paid?

The press release can be submitted Free and Paid both, there are media companies that offer both kinds of options and benefits are likewise too!  And that is obvious that top brands or media companies with high traffic are going to charge for the release but you get more benefits too! A coverage in top media sites always builds trust in your customer’s minds. But choosing a free press release media site is not that less beneficial and after all a coverage is coverage!


12 Free Press Release Sites Where You Can Promote Your Business News & Stories

These 12 press release sites accept and publish your business news and stories for free, and are actively working! Note that you can be asked for registration and it can also take 5-10 review days before publishing your story on the internet.



2. 1888pressrelease

3. Open PR

4. PR Inside

5. IssueWire

6. PR Log

7. Free Press Release Center

8. PrFire

9. PR Urgent

10. Online PR News

11. Express Press Release

12. Press Release Ping


These sites are confirmed before listing, if they are running actively or not. 

Other than using the above sites, you can also submit a free release here which will be reviewed and published in no less than 36 hours. If you have any queries related to press releases, you can ask us by initiating contact here.


More Information

If you want to know more about the press release sites that avails free press release publishing then browse in the resources provided below: