Publishing a Press Release in 2020, Does It still have any Benefits?

Publishing a Press Release in 2020, Does It still have any Benefits?

Publishing a Press Release still provides the same benefits as it used to, back in the year 2019 and earlier, but the only concern is that you must pick a right publishing platform for your press release because many of the press release websites turned this media platform into a link-building and promotion hub which Google doesn’t like obviously.

Some people, especially the digital marketing vultures (feeding on the deads), focus more on increasing the numbers of backlinks rather than focusing on providing better quality content with better visibility along with a better publishing platform, and Google, being totally against such marketing methods is always looking forward and immensely working to make itself a much better content place for the people who do searches through it, so the focus of Google here is on the content quality not much on the backlinks, and that’s where your focus should be.

In this article, you are going to learn about the benefits of publishing a press release in 2020 along with the Do’s and Don’ts.


The article is going to be covered in these three parts:

Part 1: Benefits of Publishing a Press Release in 2020 (Revised Edition)

Part 2: Harness the Power of Press Release (Dos and Don’ts)

Part 3: Overview of Google Link-Schemes



Part 1: Benefits of Publishing a Press Release in 2020

If you choose the right media platform to publish your properly-formatted press release article then for sure it might do the wonders. The term right media platform here means that it must not be having a bad reputation in the eyes of Google, and note that all the publishing sites that are participating in link-building schemes openly, they all have not a very good reputation in the eyes of Google.

But if you are able to write the press release in a proper-format (easily readable and understandable) and publish it on the right press release site, then you might achieve the following benefits for sure (sooner or later):


  1. Information Distribution About Updates, Changes, Launches or Events
  2. Grabs the Public Attention
  3. Indirect Digital Marketing
  4. Trust Building
  5. Shows Liveliness of the Business



Part 2: Harness the Power of Press Release (Do’s and Don’ts)

Press Releases that are written in a proper-format with an intention to provide a clear knowledge about the publishing material can certainly do the wonders that you will never expect to happen. But before the press release goes live on a news website, it passes from 2 certain processes – first is about writing a good press release, and the second is choosing the right media platform to broadcast your press release, and if both go the right ways then no doubt it will achieve the desired and expected results.

To harness the maximum power out of writing and publishing a press release, here are some do’s and Don’ts you can take into notice:



  1. Write a Convincing Title, and try to keep the characters limit between 72 to 90
  2. Write the Publishing Content in a Proper Format: Include Headings, Provide Space Between Sections, Include Good-Looking Pictures or Videos (in width and height that doesn’t look odd)
  3. Include a Featured Image: Most of the news publishing sites allow featured images along with the articles, and that featured image is kind of a depiction of your whole press release article, and the better it is more it attracts the viewer’s attention.
  4. Include Bio & Contact Information at the Bottom: Business Name, Short Bio (30-40 Words), Email, Phone, and Website (and address too for the rare cases).
  5. Find a Better Press Release Website for Publishing
  6. Share the Published Press Release On Social Media
  7. & More Important, Share the article link on your website through the blog or inside the footer (Eg. As featured in Prwings).



  1. Don’t Do Overlinking: Do not include too many links in your article unless it’s a very long and loaded article, it will only confuse the readers but nothing else. If you leave a single link in the article even a no-follow link, it will work as same as the other 100s of same links you included.
  2. Don’t Do Over Publishing: If you are not a very popular brand like Apple or Microsoft or at least nearby to these, then don’t publish the same press release on 100s of sites. Try to keep the number between 2 to 3 sites for a good SEO but if you overdo it, then your site link might be considered as a spam link and the later-end results might be disappointing.
  3. Don’t Include Stretched or Blurred or Bad-looking Pictures
  4. Don’t Sell or Brag in a Press Release but provide important & useful information in a convincing way to grab the attention and making the readers excited to learn more about your business.



Part 3: Overview of Google Link-Schemes

Google has provided guidelines to make the writers and publishers understand the linking structure and their impact on the searches in a much better way, so one should learn a bit about this before populating the articles with too many links.

Please visit Google Link Schemes to understand the linking structure and its impact!

If you don’t understand the guidelines, then based on what I perceived from these guidelines and what I already have inquired,  I recommend the following-

  1. Don’t overpopulate the article with links (because Google expects quality in the content, making it a worthy reading for the users)
  2. Link the right words to the right pages, but still don’t include all the pages (1 or 2 links are fine and appear natural).
  3. Basically, all should appear natural, and that’s what Google asks for but nothing much.



Conclusive Remarks

Press Release is only a piece of information that describes the changes, updates, launches, events, or happenings of the businesses, and it should be written in a way to provide the knowledge to the public, but not to sell the products or services directly, though if written well and shared on the right platform in a right content format with the right linking policies it does can achieve the promotional benefits.