How to Submit A Press Release

Submitting a Press Release is easy but if it’s done correctly and in an appropriate way it can do the wonders. Not one but there any many press releases publications on the internet to release your news; some are free while some are paid. People often find problems with Free Press Release Sites as they do not instant-approve your article or news and sometimes they reject too, and eventually going for a Free PR site ends up giving negative results and disappointments! But this is not the case with PR Wings, once you register, login and activate your account on PR Wings, you will be able to publish an instant press release.


Follow these Steps for Submitting A Press Release

Step 1 – Write a Great Well Organized Article: Distributing any content through the press release might not do good, so it’s always in the best interest to write a quality article formatted with proper headings, paragraphs, lists, images, and links. You can also have a look at our presentation on How to Write an Effective Press Release for a Better Attention of the Readers as a guiding help when you are or about to write a press release.

Step 2 – Include Company Bio: It’s a general tendency to include the company’s bio, links and contact information at the end of the article in a press release, and we also suggest doing it.

Step 3 – Find a Right Press Release Publication: This is a major step, do some good research and find the publications that either instantly approves your press release or at least approves and publishes in 1-2 days after a review-over. PR Wings is one of those great press release distribution sites that instantly publish your news once you register, login and activate your account.

Step 4 – Choose Free or Paid: Free or Paid Press Releases, both have their own benefits likewise, if a “premium press release” costs doesn’t much then it’s always advisable to go with a paid press release option. Also note this – paid press releases are distributed over many news sites.

Step 4 – Submit: Once you have completed all the above steps, then finally submit your press release.


And this is how you submit a Press Release. Learn Press Release Benefits and If you have any queries related to press release then contact us.