5+ Interior Designing Trends to Beautify Your Space

5+ Interior Designing Trends to Beautify Your Space
Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Planning a home makeover? Well, beautifying homes are a never ending process. Even little changes in décor can be so soothing to the eyes. To help you further create an appealing space in your house, here 10 interior designing trends listed by Modi Srivastava and Associates. These 5+ interior designing trends to beautify your space are easy to follow and create a big difference in small investment:

#1) Statement Ceiling

Well, exactly like walls, ceilings must be given equal focus. You can beautiful the ceiling of your house with some abstract, floral or statement paint. False ceiling is definitely a great choice, if you can manage the corresponding budget.

#2) Wall Art & Décor

There are so many ways to décor the walls. However in your efforts to decorate your walls do not over clutter it. Walls can painted, decorated with decals, frames, lights and much more. Do your research good before finalizing your wall décor.

To make it easy, you can also take great wall décor recommendation from Modi Srivastava and Associates – a renowned commercial interior designer in Baroda.

#3) Fresh trees and flowers

Fresh trees and flowers have a unique glamour. Add it to your house now with some good indoor plants and flowers. This also adds a splash of color to your interior efforts.

#4) Silk Cushions

Linen around the house creates a big difference. Thus, for cushions try opting for silk covers. The silk cushion covers have bright colors and design that act as limelight in the décor.

#5) Statement pieces

Place statement pieces at most unexpected corners of the house. Your statement piece can be a lampshade or cup board or a flower vase even. Make sure, it’s attractive and seeks attention in the room. Modi and Srivastava interior design studio in Vadodara has many statement pieces to check.

#6) Optimum utilization of space

Your interior designing efforts must make complete use of the available space. However, keeping it minimalistic is both budget-friendly and great for the eyes. Over cluttering for the sake of décor might not be an impressive choice while decorating your house.

This list of 5+ Interior Designing Trends to Beautify Your Space is compiled by Modi and Srivastava Associates – an architect interior designer in Vadodara. Feel free to contact Modi and Srivastava Associates for more easy interior designing trends and ideas for your house.

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