REES Develops Solutions Matrix for Safely Reoccupying Buildings

Texas, USA

REES, the popular architecture company has developed a solutions matrix that will help the businesses and corporations in reoccupying their buildings and offices with safety in the hard times of Coronavirus Spread.

The solution matrix that REES has developed to confront Covid-19 in the buildings covers the areas like Enter/Lobby, Cafe, Conference Center, Fitness Center, Restrooms, Elevators,  and Work Areas.

Let’s have a look at the matrix chart developed by the company –

This health conscious effort by REES for the all corporate people shows that they are not limited only to architecture designing or constructing the buildings but they are also capable in taking care of the health of people living in those buildings.

If you are planning to rejoin your offices or work soon then you must take a peek at the solution matrix chart for Covid-19 developed by REES. To stay tuned for the health guidelines issued by REES visit their official covid-19 blog and to stay connected with Prwings follow us at Twitter here.

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