Merlin’s Roofing Offers Maibec Wood Siding Services

Merlin’s Roofing Offers Maibec Wood Siding Services
Ontario, Canada

To complement the elegance of your house, Merlin’s Roofing offers Maibec residential and commercial integrated siding systems in a virtually infinite palette of colours.


Maibec siding has been known for its durability and high-quality finishes, which come in a wide range of colours, for over 40 years. Our authentic wood siding is produced to the highest performance and appearance requirements in the industry. Maibec siding will add organic elegance and warmth to every architectural style for years to come, whether used alone or in combination with our moulding or shingles.

Wood has an organic elegance and warmth to it that goes well with every architectural theme. The siding can be built vertically or horizontally, and it can be mixed with shingles or other materials. There are seven different profiles to choose from to create a unique look: Modern, Contemporary, Channel, Cove, V-Joint, Board & Batten, Rabbeted Bevel Textured Finish or Maibec Urbahn Brushed-Face Finishes. Ready to talk about your new Maibec Genuine Wood Siding? Contact Merlin’s Roofing today!

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