Alcohol Aficionados Are Ready To Unlock Your Vintage Liquor Values

Alcohol Aficionados Are Ready To Unlock Your Vintage Liquor Values

February 8, 2021 – Vintage liquor owners are being offered a cash ready solution for their dusty alcohol hordes in a unique offer from Vintage Bourbon.


The US-based team are dedicated and skilled in unearthing vintage or special bourbon, scotch, rye, gin and other spirits that are simply lying unforgotten in basements, garages, and shelves across the country.


And they are providing owners with the chance to cash in and unlock the vintage liquor stash, or estate finds with their quick, no fuss offers.


Vintage Bourbon’s team are alcohol aficionados and have collectively been in the business for more than 40 years. They’ve owned and operated liquor stores, restaurants, bars, and foodservice companies. 


In these pursuits, they’ve become completely enamored with vintage spirits and their ability to tell a story makes them the perfect vessel for an otherwise unimaginable time machine. 


“Unlike the many great new bottles coming out all the time, vintage whiskey isn’t just accessible by flipping through a catalog or calling a sales rep. We get excited for each new bottle submission we receive, constantly re-amazed by the history each bottle represents,” said a Vintage Bourbon spokesperson.


“We respond quickly to enquiries and pay even faster. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got something you may think is special.”


The Vintage Bourbon team are part of a growing phenomenon known as ‘dusty hunters’ – antique collectors who specialise in seeking out still-sealed bottles of vintage alcohol. 


To get an instant quote, fill out a form on the website or text or call 847 261 4315.

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