Free Accounting Software India with GST

Free Accounting Software India with GST
Hyderabad, USA

GST and TDS compliances for small businesses – an awareness drive

Small companies are now faced with two major problems, one is failed compliances, the resultant penalty payments and the other is the not able to maintain proper books of accounts. Small businesses include freelancers, professionals, sole proprietorship firms, partnership firms, and private limited companies. Compliance areas include but not limited to GST, TDS, TCS, Professional tax, ESI, PF, and MCA filings.


Small companies are always deprived of professional and trained staff for want of big pay checks, and suitable invoicing and accounting software applications which are costing lakhs are rupees. These companies often gets into this paradoxical situation and always ends up paying huge penalties to relevant authorities. Instead, if they are provided with a simple to use and easy to understand invoicing and accounting software application that guidesand alerts them to take necessary actions and file required reports and returns, they can better manage the risk of failed compliances and huge penalty payments.


Cloud Records Private Limited, developed a cloud based invoicing and accounting software application to maintain the business records like invoices, vouchers, ledgers and generate required reports as per the guidelines given by various tax authorities governing the small companies. This application is developed in India for Indian companies. Please visit to know more.

Rama Krishna Akkaraju (CEO)


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