FreightLinx Continues Its Expansion of The Network

Glasgow, USA

FreightLinx, one of the most renowned, popular, and experienced food grade transportation companies, has decided to continue its expansion of the network to broaden its reach and provide a better food grade transport service to its clients. The development began in the year 2019, but the expansion was put to a halt because of the Lockdown. And now, FreightLinx has decided to continue expanding the network for improved food grade transport service.

Past three generations of logistic enthusiasts have operated FreightLinx, and what began as a simple milk transportation service in pickup trucks has now become one of the most trusted and reliable food grade transportation companies all over the U.S. With the basic motive of moving the future of freight forward for everyone and by using the latest technological miracles, FreightLinx has been providing economical and highly reliable food grade tanker transport services right from 1953.

FreightLinx was already having a huge transportation network, which is why companies of every kind and shape trusted them with their specific and broad food grade tanker transport needs. Recently, FreightLinx announced the expansion of its food grade bulk tanker carriers, but no one had a clue that they are doing this to match the upcoming demand generated due to the expansion of the network.

The expansion of food grade bulk tanker carriers is a smart move from FreightLinx since it has allowed them to instantly start providing food grade tanker load boards services to their newly added networks. Now, clients of FrieghtLinx will not have to worry about the place where they want their goods and products to be transported since with this current expansion, FreightLinx has covered all the major networks where nearby companies deal in.

In a recent interview, Gary, the CEO of FreightLinx, said that ‘Lockdown has badly affected the logistic industry. Instead of worrying about the current situations, we were planning to fulfill the demands of the dust when the dust settles. We used the extra time during Lockdown to plan our expansion of the network, and this is why we have been able to come out almost impeccable with our food grade tanker load board services.

He further added, ‘Instead of first adding the network and then working on food grade tanker carriers, we first increased our number of fleets. This strategy helped us a lot and it led to a smooth expansion of our network. But this is just the beginning as in the next year; we are planning to add a couple of more new networks that were left in the current expansion.’

The company has already started providing food grade tanker carriers services to these new networks as they already have the fleet ready to fulfill this new expansion of networks.

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FreightLinx is one of the oldest and most trusted logistic companies in Kentucky, with comprehensive network coverage and many years of experience. We have been providing logistic services right from 1953, and currently, we deal in both shippers and carriers services. Our company thrives on the latest technological solutions like real-time tracking, automated inventory picking system, AI-based route planning, and much more. We have dealt with every type of batch you can think of, and we have shipped them to the rarest locations, which is why we know what you need more than anyone else.

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