Freightlinxs Makes Changes In Its Transportation Process To Battle The Global Pandemic

Freightlinxs Makes Changes In Its Transportation Process To Battle The Global Pandemic
Glasgow, KY, USA

Freightlinxs, one of the most renowned, reputed, and experienced milk transportation companies has made several changes in its overall milk transportation process in order to ensure that it keeps on running smoothly and safely even during the global crisis caused by COVID-19. These changes were later announced by the CEO of Freightlinxs and all these changes have been made by keeping the deadly virus in mind.

Freightlinxs is a transportation company that has an extensive network and it thrives on the latest technological advancement in order to provide world-class milk transport service to its clients. With its three generations in the freight industry, they know how to meet or surpass the expectation of their clients without letting them burn a hole in their pocket for transportation services. They planted the roots of transportation in the market before even the phrase ‘over the road’ came in the world and that’s why clients trust them without any second thoughts.

Because of the global pandemic that the whole world is facing, there was a sudden decline in the transportation industry and even when everything started getting back on track, there was a serious issue of safety and security. This is the main reason why Freightlinxs has to make many changes in their transportation process in order to ensure the safety of its employees, clients, and products or raw material being transported.

The first change came in the form of driver’s safety because if the drivers will not be safe then the whole batch and milk transportation trucks can get affected. Each driver goes through a proper physical checkup before getting on milk transportation trucks. In this checkup, the body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse of the driver is checked and they are only allowed to get on the truck if they pass this routine checkup. As one of the best milk transportation companies, Freightlinxs knows their responsibility.

The drivers had to go through this type of checkup if the route is long and it takes more than 2 days to deliver the batch to its destination. This makes sure that all the drivers handling the trucks are completely safe and healthy. And the same physical checkup has been applied for all the staff members as well.

In addition to this, they have launched a sanitizing program in their entire department in order to make sure that all their offices located in different parts of the country are free from the contamination of the deadly virus and this is what makes them one of the best milk transportation companies. The sanitization in their offices and in the logistic department is done on a daily basis by professionals and therefore, clients won’t have to worry about the safety. Even the trucks are being sanitized before leaving the logistics department and after arrival.

The CEO of Freightlinxs said during an interview ‘The deadly virus has affected every corner of the world and it has affected the milk trucking companies as well. But the need for essential items has never stopped and that’s why we have to make sure that we keep running our firm. We contacted the safety experts out there in the market and we used their services to keep our people and batches safe. From proper sanitization to in-house physical check-up of drivers and other employees, we have implemented all the precautionary measures required to keep running our firm safely during the pandemic. We know our responsibility as one of the best milk trucking companies’

‘No one is sure about when the global pandemic is going to end but there is one thing we are sure about and that is we will keep providing the best trucking services to all our clients without any degradation of quality even during this global crisis’

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