Get Weekly Status Reports On Applications Sent Via Blast Your Resume

Get Weekly Status Reports On Applications Sent Via Blast Your Resume
Powder Springs, GA, USA

3/10/2021: Most organizations don’t follow up on job applications and let applicants know they have been rejected, nor do they let them know about their shortcomings. This alone makes job hunting incredibly stressful and uncertain. Job seekers aren’t sure how long an organization will take to get back to them about their job application, or if they even reviewed their resume. Employment agencies like Blast Your Resume are bridging this gap by providing candidates with regular updates on their job applications.

Blast Your Resume is a platform founded by the original creators of the Premier Resume Distribution service. The platform has been carefully designed to improve the job hunting experience for candidates. Its Automated Resume Distribution System does all the work for the candidate and has been developed by former head-hunters. With over 5,000 recruiters on the platform, it opens up many opportunities for candidates. The platform is also fairly straightforward and easy to use.

Once a candidate has signed up with the platform and filled in their essential information, they can upload their updated resume. The resume is then sent to recruiters. The platform guarantees sending the resume to 350 recruiters during their free trial. After the 7-day free trial, candidates can sign up for the $137 Fast Blast service or the $15 per week Daily Blasting.

Candidates get notified every time a recruiter views their resume, which is information they would otherwise not have access to. Once the recruiter has viewed their resume, the platform sends out the contact information of the recruiter to the candidate so they can follow up with them if they like. They also provide weekly status reports on the number of recruiters the resume has reached, how many have viewed them etc.

The best part about the platform is that candidates can easily cancel the membership whenever they like, particularly if they have found the job they have been longing for. With Blast Your Resume, candidates don’t have to wait months to find their desired job, they can use this platform that does all the work instead.  

About the Company

Blast Your Resume is an executive employment agency. Candidates can sign up to the platform and upload their resume. Their resume will be sent to 5,000 recruiters and they are provided weekly status reports too.



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