Get Your Dog into Wolfhouse for a World of Adventure and Education

Get Your Dog into Wolfhouse for a World of Adventure and Education
bRISBANE, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland: October 2020 – Pet owners are being offered a diverse and unique approach to dog daycare and dog training – thanks to a one-of-a-kind environment and their unique approach to revolutionising the canine enrichment and education experience.


Wolfhouse now 3 years on since being established in Brisbane 2017, is essentially a dog Day Care or doggy daycare centre, but the self described canine campus is so much more. After one introduction to Wolfhouse you find that this bright, airy 1000m2 indoor facility in which dogs of all abilities and ages are welcome, is where they are, in the words of their passionate team, ambitiously evolving dog daycare into education and crafting learning into adventure.


“Wolfhouse is so much more than the prior standard for dog daycare and dog training,” declared co-founder and owner, Josh Woodhouse. “We are unbelievably unique and diverse in breaking the mould of what traditional daycare and dog training is.”


Their campus is the first piece to the puzzle: the environment transports dogs to another world of tailored canine learning, biologically appropriate experiences, challenges and results in an essentially positive, innovative and safety conscious fashion.


Serving Hamilton, Ascot and Clayfield and extending to the CBD and Brisbane Northside areas, the Campus, located at Eagle Farm, is designed with the perfect balance of engaging habitats and open plains to meet every energy level’s needs.


The campus features territories such as The Library where dogs can chill out, and Riverstone Pass, an engaging interactive spacepacked full of elements to challenge the brightest dogs.Pioneers Wilderness, is the largest territory on campus, more than twice the size of any of the others, that aims to harness their sense of exploration and adventure.

Meanwhile, Waterfall Springs is a paradise water zone designed for cooling and introducing dogs to the water.


The Solitude Den is a space void of all loose dogs and is important for those dogs on the road to rehabilitation as it allows the Academic team (Australian certified trainers) to continue to develop dogs in sessions that align with their Educational Plan set by the Campus Dean and then retreat to a secure and protected ‘den’ that is all their own to rest and take in what they have learnt.


Wolfhouse can conquer everything from general and puppy obedience, to support and service skills, complex skills with high accuracy off the lead, reactivity and behavioural issues such as boredom frustration, anxiety, fear or aggression based behaviours.


Rehabilitating rescue dogs is where the founders began the concept of Wolfhouse, so they don’t discriminate between dogs of varying social skills or behaviour and personality types.


He added: “As a result of our design, we create an environment where they can safely and appropriately let looseachieving the right level of physical and mental enrichment every dog needs, which builds the most essential foundation in any future education and knowledge you might want to install in them.”


“Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading examples of canine enrichment and enlightenment through adventure and education, and to be a leader of canine care by creating a safe and engaging haven to educate and grow.”


Wolfhouse is open Mondays-Saturdays 7 am to 7 pm and closed on Sundays.


To book an appointment or to discover more, view their website: or alternatively call (07) 3186 5182.


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