Integrate Covid19 Safety Features In Your On-demand Apps

Integrate Covid19 Safety Features In Your On-demand Apps
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Businesses have been undergoing rapid changes because of the emergence of technologies. Well, another significant use is COVID19 hitting globally which has pushed the demand for on-demand mobile apps. Thus making it a top priority for businesses to consider developing mobile apps.

With Corona Pandemic in full swing, the demand for on-demand mobile apps will be ever-increasing. Because of the social distancing becoming the “New Normal” the on-demand delivery services are taking the center stage. To grow your business, it is crucial that your on-demand app not only requires to have built it on the latest technology but it is crucial to have integrated with COVID19 Safety Features.

Manage On-demand Deliveries Amidst COVID19 Pandemic

As lockdown restrictions get relaxed in several cities, We have come up with a new online delivery shopping experience that will help safeguard not only your customers but your delivery drivers, and store owners as well.

Let your customers feel safe when ordering delivery services using our On-demand App. The COVID19 Safety Measures Features Include:

  • Contactless Delivery

Our On-demand apps ensure that it provides your customers to opt for contactless deliveries. Here, the order is dropped off by delivery drivers at the customer’s doorstep, eliminating any direct contact to take place.

  • Safety Ratings and review

It allows your customers to rate the delivery service availed based on the safety measures followed by the delivery drivers and store owners/restaurants. Their feedback and ratings help in improving the service quality. 

  • Take-out

The features allow the customer to choose to self-pickup their deliveries eliminating the virus transmission. The app notifies when the delivery is ready to pick up ensuring that a complete safety protocol has been practiced.

  • Safety badge for drivers and restaurants/stores

The feature complies with those store owners and restaurants that practice the highest standards of hygiene. The Safety badges are given to those restaurants following best practices ensuring taking the regular temperature of their employees and delivery drivers, masks, sanitizing at regular intervals, and safe packaging. 

  • Job Cancellation

The feature allows the drivers and riders to cancel the trips/delivery if they do not feel safe especially when the driver is not wearing a mask or a face cover.

If you are planning to build an on-demand app, having integrated it with COVID19 safety features will leads to gain the trust of your customers. They are relaxed ordering their stuff using your app knowing that it follows COVID19 safety protocols strictly.

Download our apps now to experience the functionality of COVID19 Safety features.

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