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Houston, TX, USA

Familiar Care Senior Care is a highly acclaimed agency of qualified and experienced caregivers in Houston, TX. Catering to all needs of responsible caregivers and personal assistance, this family care agency works accordingly to meet the standards of excellence in every home. Their services include personalized assistance in hospital, home, other places of residence, and long-term assisted living facilities, non-medical care to disabled, elderly, and cognitively disabled people.

If you are in search of reliable and skilled caregivers then Familiar Care Senior Care is your answer. Read down below to learn more about their services.

Special Companion service
Familiar Care Senior Care takes pride in its special companion service in all grounds of life, from assisting and care-giving in the hospitals, residences, non-profit organizations, to other places. The most talented and expert nurses and therapists here are always ready to go beyond boundaries to serve the clients with utmost authenticity and grace. All of these undeniably make them the best providers for companion service in Houston and nearby areas.

Nonmedical personalized care
For working people, it is quite difficult to take proper care of their Old parents or people under-medication living in a house but fortunately, non-medical supports are there to make our life a little simpler. Familiar Care Senior Care employs the right assistance for care in every home that too for 24/7 hour service. Through personalized skills, supervision, and knowledge they help assist you in every way possible.

Dementia / Alzheimer’s Care
People who have Alzheimer, really have a hard life, and the hardship even increases when they don’t have anybody’s back. The Familiar Care Senior Care ensures no people suffering from the same or any related disease have to go through this difficult time alone but with personal assistance on their side. With 24/7 hour service, they make sure the patient is taken care of exactly as they deserve and have assistance all the time.

These were a few hints of the top services provided by them, therefore, if now you are swayed by their job service and looking forward to approaching them then visit, anytime.

About the Company:
Familiar Care Senior care is a renowned company catering personalized caregiving services in and in the surrounding areas of Houston. From full-time non-medical support to long-term assistance in hospitals, houses, and other places of residence, they serve on all grounds where caregivers or personal assistance is required. The nurses and therapists here are well-qualified, skilled, and experienced to render all kinds of support services.

Contact us:
9522 Alex Springs Lane,
Houston, TX 77044
Tel: 281-818-2085

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