Paracetamol for Pregnant Women

Paracetamol for Pregnant Women
Vadodara, Gujarat, India

When it comes to pregnant women, every step of medication plays a major role. In the nine months course, the need for a Paracetamol Api might occur but is it safe to take? Paracetamol Ip being a very popular medicinal choice might often become need of the hour for any pregnant women. Yet, whether to consume Paracetamol medicine during pregnancy is the concern. Experts at Farmson – a well-established pharmaceutical company originating from Gujarat, India explains the safety of Paracetamol for pregnant women in this blog.

Well, there is no evidence or research study that proofs the Paracetamol as harmful for pregnant women. Paracetamol can only be taken by pregnant women when adviced by a doctor. No pregnant women must have Paracetamol at their own call. If Paracetamol is prescribed by a doctor during pregnancy, then it should be taken exactly as per doctor advice. Farmson as a Paracetamol Ip supplier does not recommend overdosing or underdosing of Paracetamol or any other medicine for pregnant women.

If recommended by doctors, pregnant women can take Paracetamol dosage even during advance stage. However, as mentioned earlier the dosage must be limited as per doctor advice. The maximum dosage of Paracetamol per day for pregnant women can be 4000mg. In case your doctor’s recommendation is more than this maximum limit of Paracetamol dosage, please seek second opinion.

Side effects of excessive Paracetamol intake might not affect pregnancy or the baby. However, it may be incur kidney, liver or anemic health issues in pregnant women.

As the medicine is available in many forms like Paracetamol powder, Paracetamol granules, Paracetamol tablet and so on, the pregnant women must discuss the correct form of consumption with their midwife or healthcare provider. Farmson recommends taking lowest effective dosage of Paracetamol for pregnant women under the supervision of a doctor.

The aforementioned list of recommendations by Farmson for intake of Paracetamol for pregnant women must be observed since first trimester till 6-months of baby’s age.

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