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It is quite natural to be a bit confused about what style to go for while deciding on your bridal hair and makeup. You can take help of the best beauty parlour in Ahmedabad for bridal hair and makeup and let them do the work for you. They can suggest different styles depending on what would look the best on you.

There are a bunch of really good bridal makeup artists in Ahmedabad who can help you make the right decisions. The Happy Living is one such place. They not only have the best hair and makeup artists, but also some of the best cosmetologist in Ahmedabad. The Happy Living will tell you when and why it is important to have a bridal makeup trial.  Apart from being the best cosmetology centre, The Happy Living is also the best hair salon in Ahmedabad for male.

A trial will help you figure out quite a lot of things about your makeup artist and your preferences. This allows an opportunity for your makeup artist to work closely with your hair and skin and get to know you better. They can also suggest some treatments if you require any. This first-hand experience of how your skin and hair react to the different products and styles will allow them to make better decisions about what suggestions they should give you.

It requires time and patience

In a trial, the makeup artist has the freedom of trying different styles and looks before finalising on something. This can take a lot of time and it will also require a lot of patience from your end. But in the end, it is totally worth it. You can tell them all about your expectations and see if they can work it in. It also allows you to see if you really want to go with a certain look on your special day.

Understanding you better

At a bridal makeup trial, your makeup artist will understand your skin type and how it reacts to different products. They will want to know if you use any makeup on a regular basis and what kind of products do you usually go for. They will require some details about your wedding outfits and whether the function is taking place during the day or night. They will want to understand these details so they can create a list of varied looks for different functions and present them one by one. You should be very clear about what you want to go for and what your expectations are. If you have any reference pictures, you can show it to them. Apart from this, discuss every little detail and ask all the questions and get all the doubts out of your way during the trial.

Questions to ask before going?

Before going to the trial, you must ask if they require you to see your outfits and jewelry. You can also ask questions like whether it is a full-face trial or a half-face trial, how many different eye makeup can they do, will hairstyling be a part of the package or not, what will be the duration of the trial, should you apply or avoid any products before coming to the makeup trial? You can also try to know if they are good with nail art designs. You can also look around for good artists offering nail art in Ahmedabad and see if they can offer a trial.

Trendiest hairstyles

The Happy Living in Ahmedabad is not only the best beauty parlour in Ahmedabad, but also the best hair salon in Ahmedabad for female. Along with your makeup, they will be able to suggest the best hairstyles for different functions. They have all the best and most trendy hairstyles depending on your outfit and your requirements.


Having to go for a bridal makeup trial clears out a lot of doubts. It helps you understand what your bridal makeup artist is capable of and what you can expect from them and they also know what skin and hair type they will be working with. Once you get the results at the trial, you will be able to make better decisions. It will also help the makeup artist to know if they need to improve somewhere.

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