Playboy NZ gets the incredible Latina – Korina Kanela on the Cover!

Playboy NZ gets the incredible Latina – Korina Kanela on the Cover!
Los Angeles, USA

  • After a blockbuster display on Playboy Australia, “The Latina Doll” is set to get featured on Playboy NZ.
  • Check out Kanela’s Instagram account, where she posted shoot videos.
  • Nino Batista and Jorge Reza have done their magic, one is behind the camera and the other with the makeup kit.

Get a copy or browse through Playboy New Zealand online! This month’s edition has featured our favorite Latina, Korina Kanela, with the beautiful curves! You will learn more about this Latin doll when you see this time addition. This will surely leave you in the high sky, even if you feel a little low because of the current pandemic situation. Interestingly, she was also featured last year in Playboy Australia. It seems that this girl cannot be enough gathered by the beautiful curves across both shores of the Tasman Sea!

The photography master Nino Batista has done excellent work in bringing out the Kanela’s elegance through his exquisite photography skills. Not to forget the contribution of Jorge Reza, a spellbind makeup artist, with whom Korina has collaborated. As usual, this time, she has collaborated with a few of the top classes in the industry. Jorge Reza, a creator, has done several projects in the past.

This fantastic brunette has posted a behind-the-scenes video of white lingerie on her official Instagram. Through her gorgeous face and her sexy body, she lights up everyone’s phone screens! Look at some of her stunning pictures, and you’re going to keep coming back for more! Korina also revealed her entry on Fans are waiting for more explosions from this beautiful Latina!

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