Wallext: Make Text Background Customized wallpaper

Wallext: Make Text Background Customized wallpaper
Surat, Gujarat, India

Wallext: Make Text Background Customized wallpaper

Available on Google Play Store for all android mobile devices
Gujarat, Surat 23 March 2021.

All Excellent Apps is pleased to announce the release of a new background wallpapers-based application. “Wallext: Make Text Background Customized Wallpaper” is an app that allows you to create beautiful wallpapers for your phone’s and tablet’s home screens and lock screens.

If you want a customized text or video wallpaper on your smartphone’s home and lock screens, wallext is the app for you.

By having the app on your smartphones, you can easily create custom backgrounds of your choice for your screens,

Not only can you create custom backgrounds with the wallext app, but you can also create art wallpapers, gradient wallpapers, solid color wallpapers, texture and pattern wallpapers, and much more.

If we look at the features, we can see that wallext allows you to make not only custom wallpapers for your backgrounds but also awesome personalized video screens for your home screen and lock screen.

“I am excited to announce our new app called ‘Wallext: Make Text Background Customized Wallpaper,’ we are excited to launch such an exciting app that will let users place their photographs/videos on the lock and home screens of their smartphones,” said the CEO of All Excellent Apps during the launch.

Capture, download, record any of your favorite places or movement, and create beautiful backgrounds for your mobile screens.

The app supports the devices having O.S version 5.0 and up. Download and share your experience today,



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