Why are the Top product managers in India are in Xpert? Will it be LinkedIn of India or First of its kind ?.

Why are the Top product managers in India are in Xpert? Will it be LinkedIn of India or First of its kind ?.
Visakhapatnam, India

If we discuss Social Networking sites, the first name that comes to our mind is LinkedIn.But many people are using this platform for even learning. They follow their Idols on LinkedIn, and they will do what their idols did in the past. They learn from their idol’s experiences. They get some idea about the path for reaching their goal. But whenever they stick to doubt during this process, it will be hard for a learner for clarification. It’s hard to reach their idol and clarify their doubt. An Indian startup, “Xpert,” came up with a solution by taking this pain point. So what is unique about Xpert.


Xpert is a new Indian Social learning app. Its motive is to help students/learners to reach geniuses of any profession for learning. Three months back, when I wanted to learn product management. I don’t know about this role, but I know there is a massive demand for it. I then started following Top product managers in India on LinkedIn and noted points from their posts and educational Background. I did certifications which I noted from their Bio’s, and did different courses. But it’s not going well. I have a lot of doubts about this role and the path I’m going. I need a person who has good knowledge about this role to guide me or clarify my doubts. Then one of my friends advised me about the Xpert app. When I registered in it, I got an opportunity to ask my queries directly to the professionals. Even Xpert is conducting seminars with many experts in different professions. They have a lot of data from every expert’s previous interviews, and they are sending personalized notifications/ posts to every user. So this is the reason why Top product managers in India are in Xpert.


So is it Linkedin of India or First of its kind? For this, we can say it is the first of its kind because we can see many learning apps like upgrad, Coursera, etc. In them, we can’t get access to talk with our models. Even the instructors can provide knowledge about how the technology works, but they will not discuss real-world problems and how the market works. Coming to LinkedIn, it is mainly social networking app. Many people or experts will be on Linkedin for their growth. It’s tough to make a relation in LinkedIn for beginners. So, Xpert is the best platform as a solution for the above problems.

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