DC Social Marketing Company Offers Discounted SEO to Local Businesses

DC Social Marketing Company Offers Discounted SEO to Local Businesses

Washington, DC– October 7, 2020– COVID-19 has hit many individuals and businesses where it hurts, their pocketbooks.  Having everything closed for so long can impact financial decisions companies are making.  SEO is more important for companies now than ever before.  To ensure businesses are getting the services they need, Social Marketing Way is offering local businesses discounted rates for SEO services during the pandemic.


Search Engine Optimization is an essential service for businesses to continue or begin during this time.  Many individuals have been quarantined at home since March.  People are not venturing out like they use to.  Instead, they are utilizing online shopping and internet services to carry out their normal tasks.   When they need something done, they hit the search engines to minimize their exposure to the COVID-19 virus.  Using a combination of keywords, users utilize search engines to find the product and services they desire.  During this time, when the outside world poses a risk to health and safety, more people are using the internet to locate these services. 


Along with local SEO services, the Social Marketing way offers a variety of other services that can increase your digital marketing tactics.  Their SEO services are aimed at helping your company grow over time and increase your visibility and traffic online.  They help ensure that your website stays current and keeps you ahead of competitors.  They specifically provide local SEO services.  Even if your business is a physical location, and you do not have an online store, your online presence is still important.  Most individuals utilize search engines to find services like salons and places to eat.  Individuals must find your business when they hit the search engines from the comfort of their homes.  Other services provided by the company are marketing on Google Maps, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO audits, optimization services for your website, and link building. 


COVID-19 does not have to be the end of your business.  What are your customers finding on the search engine when they google services from home?  Your company must pop up in their search as consumers conduct more searches and business online during this time than ever before.  Now, local businesses can enjoy a discounted price for SEO services from Social Marketing Way.  Help your business survive the COVID-19 pandemic by creating an effective strategy today.


Visit http://socialmarketway.com/internet-marketing-services/local-seo/ today to learn more!

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