3 Modern Day Digital Marketing Challenges and How Xpert is helping you solve them –

3 Modern Day Digital Marketing Challenges and How Xpert is helping you solve them –
Karnataka, India

In today’s ever expanding and ever-changing digital marketing world, every company and every marketer face different challenge while trying to position themselves in the market.  One might face challenges with regards to driving traffic from the given set of channels and the other one might face a difficulty of measuring the channel that brings them the most traffic.  


1) Driving Relevant Traffic to the Website-  

Digital Advertisers today are reliably confronting a test with regards to spreading brand mindfulness in the correct objective market. In this manner, understanding which channel to take advantage of and driving the pertinent crowd to your site to transform them into clients is turning into a progressing challenge for advertisers. 


2) Keeping Up with Changing Trends-  

The digital market and digital marketing techniques have changed drastically and are evolving every day. Hence, it is important for marketers to stay up to date with all these changes. Marketers need to remain on top of things to ensure their business does not lose out on possible conversions. 


3) Optimising Budgets and Maximising ROI-  

One of the biggest digital marketing concerns for businesses is how to stand out against bigger competitors without a commensurate digital marketing budget. Marketers are now expected to be able to optimize the marketing budgets and the ROI to best suit the business’s needs. 


Digital Marketing will keep changing and there are numerous difficulties headed up an advanced advertiser’s direction. It is the selection of methods and innovation that will in the end decide the achievement of every computerized exertion. 

And at times, a person or a professional who has had the real time experience in the field of digital marketing will serve you the best purpose to all your problems. Xperts and experiences are some of the best teachers for our modern problems.  


What’s a whole new approach to these problems? –  Xpert 


What is Xpert?  

  • At Xpert, our mission is to make experts accessible. Xpert – is a social learning app to help you learn from the best. We are not your regular online course, but rather an experience that is beyond regular classes, lectures & assignments.  


  • We have India’s top digital marketing experts who share their experiences, opinions, techniques & advice accumulated over the lifetime of their careers. All delivered in snackable bits via the feed or answered to you directly over chat. 


  • Imagine gaining business advice from Ratan Tata, singing tips from Arijit Singh or learning perfection from Amir Khan. We have handpicked over 320+ experts across 34+ Professions, to help you excel in your career. 


How can Xpert solve your problems? 

  • Xpert brings to you the world’s most renowned marketers who have followed their dreams of becoming marketers and made their mark in their respective fields.  


  • Solutions and techniques are based on experimental learning. Only the best of best experts of the respective industry and profession are teaching about their early days, education, career choices, challenges they face every day, how are they overcoming these challenges, what are their techniques, what trial and error methods worked out for them what did not. 


  • Each marketers’ problems and dilemmas are different, and they need different approaches, all of which will be addressed by the Experts, including you to make the right career decisions and moves. 


  • Hear to their stories of how they clinched the most difficult deals and apply their wisdom in your own life, so that you too can make an impact in developing and turning around your businesses from good to great. 


Tell Xpert – What is the one challenge that you or co-marketers have faced so far on digital? 

Xperts will tell you- How to overcome it and what kind of solutions will suit you the best! 




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