A one stop app to learn from the best, to stay ahead of the rest

A one stop app to learn from the best, to stay ahead of the rest
Mumbai, India

Want to start a new career/learn something completely new, but not aware of where to get guidance from? Xpert is an app where top experts from entertainment to industrialists are on a single platform to assist on how they did it in the form video, interview and even live session. And all this for free!!!

Story by Darshan Choure

Just how good are top performers compared to everybody else?

According to research high complexity jobs which ranges from cooking to making sales, the top 10% produce 80% more than the average and 700% more than the bottom 10%.

But all of us are aware that becoming the best isn’t easy. As Winston Churchill had once said,

“I am easily satisfied with the very best”.

And the reason why it’s hard to become great is that a lot of what we’ve been told about how to learn, study or train is wrong, wrong and dead wrong. So it’s time to learn how to get better at getting better.

Whether you want to be a great TV host, be a great chef or improve your batting performance, this app can help you learn what methods research recommend for becoming an expert at anything.

Find a mentor

Luke had Yoda. The Karate Kid had Mr Miyagi. Even Kung Fu Panda had Master Oogway and Shifu. Hope you are getting the picture.

So you find a Yoda who is totally invested in your success. Awesome. Now you have to be the dutiful, obedient student, right? Wrong.

You need to be respectful, but you also need to be just a little bit of a pain in the ass.

The kids who outdid their peers in the classroom and the kids that went on to become pros in a variety of sports had behavioural traits in common. The kids who went to the top in soccer, for example, they displayed something called “self-regulatory behaviour.” It’s a 12-year-old who’s going up to their trainer and saying,

“I think this drill is a little too easy. What is this working on again? Why are we doing this? I think I’m having a problem with this other thing. Can I work on that instead?”

This zeal to learn can go a long way to make you stand apart from others.

Xpert is a first of a kind Social Learning App which enables anyone to learn from geniuses of every profession across the globe.

When academic learning is not enough these excerpts from top experts will come to the rescue.


About Xpert

Xpert, is a platform with a knowledge database of all that world’s best have spoken about. In the world where everyone believes people should learn from the best be it by gaining inspiration from their journeys, or by learning their techniques or staying updated on their achievements. At Xpert, they only have the best who share their hands-on experience to empower one to make better career moves. To know more click here.

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