Content Writing- A Blessing Or A Challenge?

Delhi, India

It must be common to hear that some of the best content writers are born talented but how far is that true? 

It is out and openly discussed how one must have the need and the passion to do content writing, some say you need to do a professional course, get a certification, or that your writing must flow from within and be your mainstream. How else would be among the best content writers? 

Well, here is a secret about content writing that no one knows. All the hassle about what to do and what not to do is given by those who found it tough and quit midway or those who have not even started. If you really need true inspiration and mentorship, you have to ask the best content writers, people who made it through. And here’s how-



Among the decisions like profession and career choices, say content writing, we rely on people who look successful to us, or even if one wanted to reach out to the best content writers, there’s no such way to contact them and that is the exact problem the Xpert platform aims to eradicate. One can have the opportunity to get guidance and mentorship from a platform that contents the mentors and mentees giving people a chance to connect, learn, and grow. 


Learning from the best always came at a huge cost that you no longer have to pay. Mentors and content creators always seemed so far out of reach that anyone willing to learn gave up right in the beginning. But that need not be your story, Xpert is one of the largest platforms with about 900 experts and 100 professionals. Some of the best content writers like Anuradha Tiwari, Advait Gupt, Priyanka Desai, etc are not so out of reach as before. 

When Rumi said “What you seek, is seeking you” he spoke about manifestation and the power to create and attract what we truly desire. Sometimes it may seem impossible but looking at those who made it through should remind you everyday what your potential is.


If you think there’s only one way to succeed then you have got it wrong! The beauty of content writing to connect and relate to whatever you write. The focus and presence of mind being common only the best content writers can tell you the actual story of how they reached where they are now and what it took. Since we are all different people, we use different ways and techniques to grow.


Our inspirations can teach us, help us, guide us and ignite within us what is exactly needed to succeed, making this possible is a phenomenal change we can welcome through Xpert.


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