Growth Of Online Education Market

Growth Of Online Education Market
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

It is expected that from 2020 to 2027 the market for digital education would grow at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 22.7%. In 2019 the market for such education was estimated to be worth 3.20 billion US dollars. It is expected that in the days to come factors such as greater usage of microlearning technologies and increasing internet penetration would play important roles in this regard. In 2019 there were 4.39 billion people who were using the internet. This represents a rise of 9% from 2018 when 366 million people were using the internet. So, it can be assumed that more people now would be using the best online course platforms for learning. 

The fact that internet usage is increasing is corroborated by data from around the world. Even in Third World countries such as Brazil, there has been an addition of 10 million people in terms of internet users. Compared to 2018 this represents an increase of 7.2% in the South American country. Right now, there is tremendous demand for the best online e learning platforms. One of the major reasons for this increasing popularity is the benefits that such technology provides. 

One of these many benefits is flipped classrooms. Here the teachers conduct online classes where they talk about practical scenarios that help them students get the best analysis on the subject in question. Face to face interaction is also a major benefit of these courses. These are some of the reasons why so many people look for the best online education portals nowadays. These platforms are created in such a way that students can use the latest educational technology on offer. This includes the likes of the following:

  • personalized learning    
  • flipped learning
  • blended learning

It also helps that now the internet is available on so many devices especially the mobile ones. It is a lot easier to carry smartphones than laptops all the time. This is one further factor that has increased the demand for online learning among students all around the world. The educators also are forever on the lookout for the best platform to create online courses. One such platform is Edusity. One can easily say that these factors are going to play a major role in the development of these platforms. It also needs to be mentioned over here that the education sector is seeing a lot of technological development these days.

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