ICFEI Explains How Students Should Plan Foreign Education During This Pandemic?

ICFEI Explains How Students Should Plan Foreign Education During This Pandemic?
New Delhi, Delhi, India

26 January 2021: The whole world has been turned upside down thanks to Covid-19. People were banned from leaving their homes let alone the city, and country they live in. Hundreds of businesses were forced to shut down their brick-and-mortar store and shift to digital platforms. However, this doesn’t mean that students have to sacrifice their dream of studying abroad. Although the pandemic has delayed the overall plan, a recent survey highlights that 90 percent of students are still planning to go Foreign to complete their education. ICFEI Overseas Career Pvt. Ltd, which is the leading name in study abroad organizations have taken a step forward to help students to plan the foreign education during the pandemic.

Mr. Mayank Kapoor the director of ICFEI recently hosted a virtual session on Facebook and Instagram to help young aspirants find their path when it comes to pursuing their education in a foreign country. He started the session by informing students that “the very first thing you need to know about is your application process. Usually, in most foreign universities, the process starts from September to October. One of the initial steps’ students should take while applying for foreign education is to look after their visa process. Students need to ensure they are meeting all the eligibility criteria of the process and have the documentation in the right place.” He further explained that “students are also required to take their required language exam and submit their score report to institutions they are applying. As achieving the score is not enough, they need to ensure that they are meeting the criteria set by the university/college.”

Being in the industry for such a long time, the ICFEI overseas career Pvt. Ltd. has helped hundreds of students in fulfilling their goal to study abroad and get a job afterward. They are well versed with the student visa process and all the requirements to get into a reputed foreign university/college. The team that works at the floor are highly qualified and experienced when it comes to applying and getting the visa for students. As they are friendly in nature, and communication, students and their parents will be able to understand all the requirements and eligibility criteria they need to meet in order to study abroad.

Finance is another crucial factor that students need to consider while planning their education abroad but it could be challenging to comprehend all the financial requirements let alone meeting them without any help. The staff at the ICFEI help candidates to understand and meet these without any hassle. As an organization, they believe this information will help many students to plan their education journey abroad ahead of time.


Are you one of the candidates who are willing to go abroad for further studies? If yes, then the above press release is what you need. For further information about student visas, feel free to visit www.icfei.com today.

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