Learn from the Top Marketers at Xpert and keep up the pace in the ever-changing world of Marketing.

Learn from the Top Marketers at Xpert and keep up the pace in the ever-changing world of Marketing.
Kolkata, India

Ask, consult and get insights about the dynamics of the various marketing aspects from the Top Marketing Leaders from around the globe.

Introduction: Founded by Sharad Lunia in December 2019, XPERT is your one-stop solution for the latest trends and challenges in all kinds of industries and domains. The current internet space is flooded by information and it is often difficult to find the icing, and this where XPERT comes to your rescue. The Top Industry leaders from all kinds of domains provide crisp, on-point and accurate information through Question-Answer model, One-to-one consultation and webinars. We have partnered with more than 300 leaders across more than 34 domains who want to give back and provide insights from the rich experience they have gained over the years. To anyone who wants to learn, here at XPERT, we aim to ease the way out with insights from the best mentors in the world.

The world of marketing and its changing dynamics are bringing in new challenges and trends with every passing second. It becomes very important for every marketer to keep up with the on-going trends and techniques in the industry. Young and experienced professionals should be able to leverage both the new age and traditional mechanisms of marketing to stay ahead of their competitor. This includes Digital Marketing, influencer marketing and blogging or conventional methods such as TV commercial and print media. The amount of information available today is vast and it can often become difficult to sort what is real. To help you out, we at XPERT have Top Marketing Leaders and experts onboard from various industries to provide insights and answer your questions with real-world examples and experiences they have gained over the years.


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About Sharad Lunia:
Sharad Lunia is an entrepreneur and the founder of ReleaseMyAd.com, which is a leading media buying and advertising platform. He has been in this industry for over 14 years now. ReleaseMyAd has served more than 1.5 Lacs advertisers and managed launch campaigns across leading brands.  He has worked in Microsoft prior to starting ReleaseMyAd. He also founded XPERT in December 2019 with an aim to bridge the gap between learners and leaders.

About Us:
XPERT is a social learning application/website to help anyone who wants to learn. Our aim is to provide great learning experiences and resolve all queries that are posted to us. We achieve this by partnering with various Top Industry Leaders from all kinds of domains who provide services like, answering the questions that users post, one-to-one consultation and organizing webinars.

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