World Speech Day set for Monday, March 15th

World Speech Day set for Monday, March 15th
Florida, USA

World Speech Day 2021 will be held on Monday, March 15th. Speakers from local schools and colleges throughout America will be joining with speakers from over 100 countries to speak on the topic: “Humanity at a Crossroads.”

World Speech Day was launched by Simon Gibson at the Athens Democracy Forum in 2015. The idea came from Simon’s work in establishing a free database for contemporary and historic speeches. During this work, it became clear that speeches change the world; socially, politically, in the arts, business and religion. They play a profound role in holding our societies together and shaping change. The plan was forming: a day to celebrate speeches and speech-making through live public speaking events around the world, reaching out to #unexpectedvoices everywhere.

In 2019 more than 100 nations across the globe have been involved in World Speech Day. Schools, universities, speakers’ clubs, think tanks, community groups, companies, NGOs – all holding meetings in classrooms, community halls, even cafes. World Speech Day promotes live public speaking events in over 100 nations. World Speech Day encourages people everywhere to make speeches and share ideas. Visit the to see videos and photos of World Speech Day events, locally organized, in many different cultures and situations, but all using the simple power of speech to bring change and build world citizenship.

For more information contact, Reed Markham, Director of Strategic Initiatives USA and Associate Professor, World Languages and Speech at Daytona State College. For more information, send your message to:

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