Xpert: A One Stop Destination To Get Mentored From Industry Experts

Xpert: A One Stop Destination To Get Mentored From Industry Experts
Delhi, India

I am an engineering student. Being an engineering student, the first thing that comes up in your mind is to launch your own start-up. Everyone wants to make it big and make tons of money and fortune. We millennials want to build something that will change people’s lives. But most of us don’t know where to start including myself. Our colleges only train us to make job ready. That is the point where you wish you had someone in your life to guide you, mentor you on how to establish your business and become an entrepreneur. I was also in the same dilemma and was in search of a mentor.

The basic question I was asking myself was- how to pitch the idea?, how to sell your idea? and how to monetize your idea? All of my queries came to an end when I came to know about Xpert. Xpert is a social learning app and one stop destination if you want to get mentored and trained by industry experts in any domain whether it is marketing, photography, entrepreneurship or anything else. With the help of Xpert I can reach out to the top 10 famous entrepreneurs in India.

Xpert is the solution which is bridging the gap between the community and professionals. It is one of the First Social Learning App that enables everyone to learn from geniuses from any domain.

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