India’s Largest IT event – Indiasoft , 2021 edition

India’s Largest IT event – Indiasoft , 2021 edition
Delhi, India

New features and B2B focus make this year’s event unique
The INDIASOFT -2021 International IT exhibition and conferences, the
flagship annual event of Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion
Council (ESC), will be organized in a new format virtually from March 5, 2021
onwards until 31st March bringing together over 1000 buyers and investors
across the continents.
Giving details of this year’s unique INDIASOFT 2021, Mr Nalin Kohli,
Chairman, INDIASOFT said that for the first time, the event will have three
important components, such as an inaugural, which will be a brainstorming
session to take stock of the post-Covid-19 developments in the software
segment in its entirety involving policy makers, industry players, experts from
India and abroad.
The B2B meetings to be held from 9th March till 31st March will bring the
Indian software developers upfront with software and solutions buyers from all
over the world. The third tier-Bilateral Investment Meets-involving industry
players from countries will focus on specific countries to create a road map for
facilitating investments and technology cooperation.
“ The differentiator this time around for INDIASOFT 2021 is the large
participation of the stakeholders from developed markets like the US, the UK,
Germany, Japan, South Korea etc giving the participants from India greater
scope and range to clinch export and investment deals,” Mr. Kohli said, adding
that the long duration of the virtual B2B meetings would enable more scope for
Indian companies, particularly MSMEs to display their products digitally and
handhold with the overseas buyers, which can lead to concrete business deals.
INDIASOFT, which is holding its 21st edition this year, has now emerged as one
of the largest IT shows in the MSME and startup sectors in the world. Over the
years, it has been acting as a catalyst for handholding Indian ICT players with
overseas buyers. The platform is being used by many companies to launch new
products and solutions.
Explaining the scope of the investment meet, which will be held coinciding
with INDIASOFT -21, Mr. Gurmeet Singh, Executive Director, ESC said that it
would focus on attracting investments into the India’s digital economy from
various corners of the world to strengthen India’s digital backbone. “ Amidst the
proactive policy changes that are being rolled out to attract investments in India,
the INDIASOFT -21 will try to sensitize the overseas investors to invest in
India, particularly in the MSME sector, which is now becoming the nerve center
for carrying out innovation and disruption,” says Mr. Gurmeet. It would be an
excellent forum for showcasing India’s software strengths and opportunities to
small and mid-size companies in the developed countries to attract investments,
co-production and even third country investments, particularly in the domain of
internet products based on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine
language etc.
Mr. Kohli said that the area – specific B2B meetings, which will be held
during the INDIASOFT -21 will focus on buyers from Africa, Japan, North
America including the US and Canada, South Korea, the UK, ASEAN &
Oceania, Scandinavia, Benelux and Latin America. Hundreds of visitors from
these regions will touch base with the Indian exhibitors digitally and get
acquainted with Indian products and solutions developed mostly by the MSMEs
and startups.
Mr. Gurmeet said that Indian companies will be displaying innovative IT
products/ solutions in all verticals of IT including Artificial Intelligence (AI),
AR/VR, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, FinTech, Web &
Mobile Application Development / Automation / Embedded Systems/
Digitization, Gaming & Animation etc.
An illustrative list of countries that will be participating in the digital event
include USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Republic of Korea, Argentina, Brazil,
Panama, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Peru, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico,
Costa Rica, Panama, Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Uganda, Zambia,
Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Cote
D Ivoire, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,
Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam,
Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia,
Myanmar, Brunei, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Norway, Denmark,
Sweden, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait,
Qatar, Oman, Iran, , Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Hong Kong, etc.

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