Matellio Goes an Extra Mile to Renovate its Employee Wellness Policy

Matellio Goes an Extra Mile to Renovate its Employee Wellness Policy
Jaipur, India

Matellio, one of the leading software engineering companies, launches a comprehensive wellness policy for over 200+ global employees. 

COVID-19 shook the world in the most disruptive way. While forcing global shut down in response to the spreading pandemic, tough times have also highlighted the value of good health and wellbeing. People are not just conscious of vital health signs but also go out of their way to ensure the best healthcare solutions are accessible in the time of need.

Lending a helping hand to employees, Matellio has invested in health insurance plans for its team carefully designed for the employees and their family members including spouses and children. With the policy, Matellio’s employees can avail cashless facilities where the insured can walk into any 7000+ hospitals in major locations across India and receive quality treatment hassle-free.

Encompassing comprehensive care planning, the policy includes some of the unique benefits that cover:

  • Maternity benefits
  •  Insured treatment even with pre-existing diseases
  • Waiver of 30 day waiting period
  • Health assistance on fingertips
  • Air ambulance service

And a lot more.

Elaborating on this initiative, Mr. Puneet Rao, Chief Operating Officer, Matellio Inc., said,  “At Matellio, we value each person who is a part of this umbrella. They are not just our teammates, but our beloved family members, and hence, their families are important to us. We want to convey to them that they are valued and put their wellbeing on our priority list. Therefore, we conceived this idea of the best health care for our 200+ employees, finding the best vendor who helps us realize the idea and makes sure that our employees are safe.”

Calling it an iconic step, one of the employees said, “Matellio has once again made its mark as an employee-friendly company which sets a new benchmark every time. I’m proud of being a part of an organization that not just gave me job security during pandemic times, but also took initiatives for my and my family’s wellbeing.”

About Matellio

Founded in 2012, Matellio is a software engineering studio for start-ups, entrepreneurs, large enterprises, and people who have ideas awaiting digital partnership. We serve global clientele from diverse industry verticals, striving to help them capitalize on the digital revolution by bringing their products to global marketplaces.  Global leaders have recognized our skills and expertise, including, App Futura, DesignRush, Scrum Alliance, and more. Additionally, we pride ourselves on holding a partnership with pioneers like Siemens, Arizona Technology Council, GE Digital Alliance, Google Cloud, and HPE.

With years, we have perfected the processes, systems, and technologies that stimulate excellent engineering skills, a highly intuitive design aesthetic, and high-level transparency. Focussed on an agile partnership model, we offer flexible hiring options to our clients to choose from onshore, offshore, and hybrid approaches.

  • Technically diverse, qualified & cost-effective teams
  • Dedicated senior project manager in the USA
  • Optimized investments in terms of workforce & technology
  • Easy scale up & down of resources involved in the project
  • Flexible work timings allowing overlap with global work timings
  • Assured focus on project goals & commitment to the timelines
  • Decreased operational costs and definite quicker RoI

We majorly help clients with:

  • AI/ ML Solutions
  • IoT Solutions
  • Location-based software
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Cloud integration
  • Business and IT consulting
  • Embedded development
  • Web and mobile development
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