Eagle Coin is officially docked with International commercial banks

United Arab Emirates, UAE

The bank industry is one of the most attackable fields. It requires high security and there were invented many solutions striving to solve this problem (for example, Microservices). But maybe we are already witnesses of it?

Blockchain can eliminate the threat or the risk of fraud in all areas of banking, and this could equally apply to a trading platform. Furthermore, Blockchain would also address issues such as operational risk and administrative costs as it can be made transparent and immutable. The traceability and the permanent historic record that would exist on Blockchain backing up every asset or item of value that was traded would provide assurance and authenticity all the way through the supply chain. So let’s check out top blockchain use cases which proved their reasonability and efficiency.

Chairman & Founder Ms Emily of Trans Reach International Group, discussed the current Eagle coin encrypted digital currency transaction, Eagle coin encrypted digital currency transaction settlement, multiple smart contract automatic transactions and other issues with Tong Shang International Commercial Bank(Gambia) CEO Tan Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao JP made a preliminary merger.

The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on how the current virtual currency market provides a cross-chain transaction mechanism, and a variety of digital currency transaction exchange mechanisms, and conducted in-depth discussions on different international institutions or personal asset exchange services.  The exchange of international currencies and crypto assets within the financial system, the investment and financial management of Eagle crypto assets, the deposit of Eagle cryptocurrency and the further expansion of Eagle crypto asset trading have opened new breakthroughs.

Tan Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao J, CEO of Tong Shang International Commercial Bank(Gambia).  He highly recognized and affirmed the Eagle coin launched by Dubai, and said that in the secondary market and the primary market, the Tong Shang International Commercial Bank(Gambia) will make a certain amount of investment and holdings in accordance with the trend of the Eagle coin.   The bank i holding will further strengthen cooperation with Trans Reach International Group in the Blockchain Technology . Tan Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao JP said.

The business scope of the Tong Shang International Commercial Bank(Gambia) includes: general commercial banks international trade and domestic deposit business, trust, investment banking, project custody and bond issuance business, digital currency, cryptocurrency and blockchain transaction business, various funds and  Derivative financial product issuance business.

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