Introducing Dialabank – India’s First Financial Helpline

Punjab, India

December 9, 2020 – Dialabank is India’s First Financial Helpline, with service available on a local number “60011600” across 18 major cities in India. Promoted by a group of Senior Corporate Executives, Dialabank helps consumers Compare and Buy the right Financial Product across all Leading Banks, Insurance and Investment Management Companies. We were born out of Love!! Love for our customers, love for the products we recommend, love for technology, love for convenience and love for Personal Finance. We are working to connect borrowers with lenders with minimal time and effort and digitizing every step of the process to cut down unnecessary layers, costs and wastage in the Industry. Our Products Set Includes all Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance and Investments.


Dialabank helps you to choose the best option of banks by providing you with a comparison of different banks so that you can make the right choice. Once you fill a simple form, which is basically to know your capability, our customer relationship managers will have a word with you and help you choose the right option.


In this November, Dialabank embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence) facility to improve its customer dealing system. By AI, Dialabank’s digital facility will increase day by day. In this pandemic situation when everyone locks their self in the home, otherwise they have to maintain social distance (that is very difficult for a long time), exactly that time Dialabank’s online procedure helps people in their financial need. It is an amazing

procedure where anyone can apply for their loan/credit card through Dialabank’s site, there is no need to wait in the queue for a long time. If you have valid documents with you, by the help of one click you can apply for the loan from Dialabank’s site.


DialABank has many products in loans and credit card related. It has a personal loan, gold loan, car loan, education loan, life insurance etc. By contacting Dialabank, you get this service very easily. DialABank has partnered with various private banks like Axis, HDFC, ICICI etc as well as public sector banks like SBI, BOB etc.


When anyone applies for gold loan, Dialabank helps them out to choose their perfect loan. Take a look how they work, when someone applies for the loan, they ask why they need this, what is their annual income, how much interest they can pay for the loan and finally documentation part. After knowing the details, they can suggest any other loans. Otherwise, they will suggest an appropriate bank with an appropriate interest rate.


Now, any person who needs instant finance must be wondering why Loan Against Gold over Personal Loan? There are many people in our country who have a low credit score or poor repayment capacity. Poor repayment capacity of an individual may refer to the monthly salary of the person which may be low from the point of view of the bank.


That is, the bank may think that the person will not be able to pay the loan on time. Lenders often do not provide Personal Loan or Business Loan in such cases. This is the reason why Loan Against Gold is the best option for these people. All that the person needs to do is provide simple identity verification and the gold as collateral to the bank. Besides, Gold Loan Interest Rate is quite less in contrast to other financial services.


1. The applicant just has to pledge gold jewellery to the lender in return for the loan amount. After you take your jewellery to the bank, the in-house jewellery valuer accesses your gold jewellery in terms of weight and purity.

2. Then, according to the value of gold, the banks give the loan seekers cash equivalent to around 70%-75% of the value of the pledged gold.

3. Now the bank has the possession of your gold ornaments until the full repayment of the loan amount.

4. Finally, when you repay the whole amount of loan, the bank returns the gold in the same shape and form to the customer.

This is the entire process of the service of Loan Against Gold. Thus, the Documents required are quite minimal as the bank is majorly concerned about the quality and quantity of Gold.

Interest Rates for Top Banks Providing Loan Against Gold

HDFC Gold Loan – 9.90%

ICICI Gold Loan – 9.50%

Axis Gold Loan – 9.50%

Yes Bank Gold Loan – 8.00%

SBI Gold Loan – 7.00%

Canara Bank Gold Loan – 7.50%

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan – 7.00%

Manappuram Gold Loan – 7.50%

PNB Gold Loan – 7.00%

You will get a call from our customer champions within two days so you can ask all your queries to them and they will try their level best to solve them.

When anyone needs any type of financial service, they can avail it free by contacting Dialabank. For more information, please contact at 9878981144 or mail at

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