Meet Tadashi Yanai, the Richest Person In Japan as of Mid-Year 2020

Meet Tadashi Yanai, the Richest Person In Japan as of Mid-Year 2020
Image Credit: Image Credit - Fast Retailing

Tadashi Yanai

Tadashi Yanai, the Handsome Business Guy is the Richest Japanese as of June 2020 with an estimated net worth of US $29.7 billion (Some people won’t dream even quarter of it, and also there might be the fact that he also didn’t). Tadashi Yanai was born in 1949, started doing an impactful business in 1971, and today he is one of the top richest businessmen in the world and the richest in Japan.


Tadashi Yanai’s Business Profile

Tadashi Yanai is the Founder & CEO of Fast Retailing and Uniqlo. Fast Retailing is the parent company of Uniqlo and its other brands include Theory, Helmut Lang, J Brand, and GU. As of today, Fast Retailing is employing more than 56000 people has a market capitalization of  US $ 49.2 B.


Business Aim

Tadashi Yanai aims at making his company become the world’s largest retailer, which means it would have to surpass H&M and Inditex (parent of Zara). (Source Forbes). Yanai resigned as an independent director from the board of SoftBank Group after 18 years, in December 2019.


Tadashi Yanai in News & Media as of June 2020

Tadashi Yanai has been on-air recently, for pledging $93M for coronavirus research and for his remarks on the present US situations, learn about these below:

  1. Uniqlo chief pledges $93m for coronavirus research 
  2. Japan’s richest man: The very image of America is breaking


The Author’s Perspective

Tadashi Yanai is a self-made businessman who found his fortune in the retail business, has a family, has tremendous fame, also taking care of the lives of thousands of people through various businesses and activities, pledged $93M recently for the coronavirus research (a social cause), so all this explains he is quite a personality who conquered at the various stages of life and businesses.

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