Monily Launches Controller Services For Startups And Small Businesses

Monily Launches Controller Services For Startups And Small Businesses
Pearland, USA

[March 26, 2021] – Virtual financial service provider Monily is proud to announce the launch of Controller Services as part of its ever-growing accounting solutions. This new range of services, with its state-of-the-art and proactive account management approach, aims to help businesses plan ahead with accuratetimely insights and financial advice.  

Over the years, Monily has enabled its partners maximize the overall efficiency and make informed business decisions with our end-to-end financial and accounting services.  

Leveraging industry-leading financial tools, we strive to enhance our partners’ adaptability and improve focus on organizational goals”, says Farwah Jafri, product owner, MonilyWith Controller Services, accurate bookkeeping, clear financial reporting and implementation of right policies and procedures, businesses are able to gain critical oversight and make strategic decisions”, she adds. 

Under the service, Monily’s expert controllers aim to offer tailored solutions as they oversee all accounts, keep the book up-to-date, provide regular financial insights, analyze and forecast cash flow, manage budgeting and ensure compliance with all accounting policies and tax guidelines.  


Facilitating strategic business decisions  

Virtual controller will work alongside the client to provide timely and detailed financial metrics and set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to accurately track and measure their business’s success. They will also assist with transaction and IPO preparation, which involves upgrading their existing accounting processes and controls, training for investor due diligence, and post-investment filing. 


Improving visibility of financial operations 

Under the Controller Services, we will review our partner’s balance sheet statements, P&L statements and general ledgerWe will further ensure that they are benefiting from vendor payment terms to boost cash flow, advise them on how to obtain advantageous settlements on long-overdue payables, and analyze suppliers on a regular basis to ensure that the company is paying reasonable rates for products and services.  

In the process, the controller will also suggest ways to speed up payments and assess aged accounts receivables to detect collection problems early on. Moreover, instigating new policies and methodologies will detect and eliminate potentially fraudulent activities to protect the company’s financial reputation and business assets. 

To learn more about Monily’s Controller Services, visit here. 

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