Pellepay- A New Digital Blockchain Wallet that will be Hitting the Market Soon

Pellepay- A New Digital Blockchain Wallet that will be Hitting the Market Soon
Florida, USA

In the era of digital facilities, there is another platform coming up with mind-blowing features for monetary transactions. The name of the platform is Pellepay, which is basically a digital blockchain wallet that will help users to send and receive money with security and zero hassles. The platform is designed in a way to provide reliable services to the customers, with endless features.

Pellepay is an ingenious app with a diversified range of services, specially made to provide a seamless experience for transactions. This portal aims to make transactions simpler, secure, and faster. It is a digital wallet with secured and reliable services that allow users to do smart transactions in its ecosystem. The app possesses extensive features. Let us have a glimpse of the features-

  • Money wallet- It is a smart and simple way to send money anywhere you want. As the portal is a digital blockchain wallet, it also eliminates the risk of hackers during transactions. It will be a protected way of making transactions.
  • International Money Transfer- Now sending money internationally is simple with Pellepay. You can send over 200 million to Africa and Asia with this platform within few seconds.


  • Smart Contract- Pellepay gives people the authority to create smart contracts with the help of this feature, and one does not need intermediaries to do so by making use of ethereum. Making contracts has never been so easy.


  • Lending and Borrowing- Unlike the old traditional ways, now one can pool or lend money legally with the use of this feature in Pellepay. Lending and borrowing are very easy and legal with this platform.


  • B2B Payments-  One can now easily business transactions simply with just a few clicks. The amount can be up to $100 million per with their mobile. Either you are a small business or the large business; transactions are effortless for you now.


  • Bank to bank transactions- If you want to make a transaction from one bank to another, Pellepay is going to be a wonderful platform for that. This feature is for businesses as well as for individuals.


  • Reverse or cancel transactions- Made the transaction by mistake? Now you will get the authority to cancel or reverse the transactions directly from your phone. You can cancel this transaction in 1-hour short window. Once this window is closed, you can still reverse the transaction and send the request to the recipient for the reverse transaction.

Pellepay will be coming live in the market shortly, with all imperative features that are surely going to be advantageous for businesses and individuals in their daily lives. The app is coming soon, and will surely win the hearts of many with all these attractive features.

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