Facebook has an Informational Page Now on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Facebook has an Informational Page Now on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For the betterment of Human Life which is endangered by pandemic (COVID-19), Facebook has a page now recognized by health organizations like “Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India”, “World Health Organization” and “UNICEF”. 


Facebook’s Informative Page on COVID-19

The page is named as Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Centre, and it posts regular updates, guides and information on COVID-19 to make the public more and more aware for their own safety! Anyone can follow the page to receive regular updates by the Indian Government and Health Organisations.


Corona Strike on Humanity

Coronavirus has appeared as a shock for human life all around the world, almost all the countries are affected by this pandemic, India and China have been successful though in controlling this pandemic by implementing a complete lockdown in the countries, and now this is being implemented by almost all the countries.

It is very important to stay updated with the regular news and information on COVID-19, and many big companies and media publications have taken the initiative to inform the public at the maximum level they can. Just like Facebook, Apple had already launched a website and app to provide guidelines, information, and recommendations related to Coronavirus for the benefit of Humanity.


Saftey from Corona

Follow these simple funds to avoid contact with Corona –

  1. Stay at Home unless you need to attend something urgent outside
  2. Wash your hands when you come in the touch of things or items brought from outside
  3. Use Sanitizer
  4. Follow WHO, News sites for Corona Updates
  5. Maintain Social Distancing
  6. Try to Cooke your meals at home, avoid eating outside.

All the major health organizations, countries and their governments are trying to keep their citizens safe and uninfected with corona, and you should help them by not going outside and maintaining the social distancing.

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