Revolution in the World of Cosmetic Dentistry

Revolution in the World of Cosmetic Dentistry
Ramakrisna Apartment, Kolkata, India

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It might be an bitter truth but it is an honest fact that appearance do matter. A person’s overall personality affects a lot of his or her social life. This personality or appearance is severely affected if their smile is not nice. One of the prime reasons why a persons smile doesn’t look good is due to any kind of deformity in the teeth set like,

    • Stained teeth
    • Discoloured teet
    • Worn out teeth
    • Chipped teeth
    • Broken teeth
    • Misshapen teeth
    • Misaligned teeth
    • Teeth having gaps

Dr. Apratim Ganguly of the See & Smile Dental Clinic, have vowed to provide you a better smile by using modern and advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry. They are the “smile makeover” specialists who proudly have launched the most advanced equipment in the world of cosmetic dentistry south kolkata.

Their cosmetic dentistry not only improves the mere appearance of the patient’s smile, but also transforms his or her entire facial features and in the process inevitably boosts their confidence to the new heights. Dr. Ganguly, considered the best cosmetic dentist in Harinavi, work closely with the patient to develop a effective plan of action. Needless to say, See & Smile has revolutionized the way how dental designing is done in Kolkata.

Various Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are multiple kind of cosmetic dentistry procedures that are a done in these clinics which are available in quite affordable pricing point. Like,

Dental Veneers : These custom-made shells of tooth-coloured resin or porcelain are wafer-thin in nature, which covers the teeth’s front surface.

Teeth whitening : The teeth bleaches are most affordable and simplest way improve the quality of smile.

Dental Crowns : The whole damaged or decayed tooth resting above the gum line is restored and replaced in its size appearance shape and strength by this cap that fits over.

Dental Bonding : A putty-like resin of durable plastic material is tooth-coloured and is applied and hardened with ultraviolet or laser light, in the process bonding this material with the tooth.

Dental Implants : The process includes inserting into the missing tooth’s bone socket titanium replacement tooth roots.

Inlays and Onlays : Often made of porcelain, gold or other composite materials, these are indirect fillings which fill the damaged or decayed teeth.

Other Options: With both teeth in between, a bridge is composed of crowns for teeth which are filled on either side of a teeth gap.

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