TelMDCare Is the Go-To Platform for Individuals Struggling with Minor Medical Ailments

TelMDCare Is the Go-To Platform for Individuals Struggling with Minor Medical Ailments
Lemont, IL, USA

3/11/2021 – Illinois: When it comes to treating minor ailments or injuries, many people are hesitant about consulting a doctor. The idea of driving all the way to a clinic or a hospital for a minor query is less than ideal, and compels several individuals to neglect their ailment or resort to home remedies. However, this can be dangerous in certain cases and the lack of professional medical assistance can worsen the condition. TelMDCare provides patients struggling with minor ailments an alternative to the traditional visit to doctor’s office, offering them virtual healthcare services.

TelMDCare treats a variety of acute as well as controlled chronic conditions. They have a network of experienced doctors and physicians who available for expert medical guidance regarding minor medical ailments. These include a variety of conditions such as allergies, acne, respiratory infections, muscle injuries, influenza, pink eye, and other conditions pertaining to men’s and women’s health. Patients can get in touch with a medical expert through video conferencing or direct chat, and can have in-depth consultations.

Speaking about the platform, a company representative stated, “No matter how small your medical condition looks like, it’s always best to get a doctor’s opinion. Ignoring lingering symptoms can be especially dangerous as they often indicate something more severe than what you may have perceived. With our online platform, patients no longer have to worry about long waiting hours at the doctor’s office or the exhausting drive back home. They can attend an online appointment from the comfort of their homes, without having to move around”. 

As an Illinois based telemedicine platform, TelMDCare has gained immense popularity during the pandemic. It gives patients a chance to get in touch with medical professionals without physically being in a crowded public space. Individuals struggling with minor ailments or injuries can easily consult an experienced doctor online via the platform for just $35 per session, and are also offered complimentary follow-up visits.

TelMDCare is a technology-friendly platform. Registered users can use the platform through its website, or download it on their smart devices as an Android or IOS app. There are no hidden fees or charges for the telemedicine platform, and users are offered complete privacy.  

About the Company

TelMDCare is a virtual healthcare platform that provides telemedicine services. Users can book online consultations and get their prescriptions renewed online as well.

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Toll Free Number: +1-800-230-2050

Fax Number: 630-480-4567


Address: JME Medical Service, P.O BOX 577

42 Stephen St

Lemont, IL 60439



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