Minusus Puts the Power of Blockchain in the Hands of Individuals

Minusus Puts the Power of Blockchain in the Hands of Individuals
San Diego, CA, USA

MINUSUS created a standalone blockchain App, MINUSUS Blockchain Card. This App can create local private blockchain, into which the user drags and drops important documents. The blockchain containing these documents can then be itself distributed and shared among peers. Everyone is guaranteed access to original documents.

The Blockchain can be used to prevent document forgery. When documents reside in blocks inside the blockchain, they become permanent and immutable. A blockchain document has the strongest proof that it is unaltered and untampered with, and frozen in the state it was added in to the blockchain. There are at least three main practical usages for the blockchain in relation to private document preservation:

First, it can prevent forgery and preserve legal documents, contracts, wills and testaments.
Second, it provides the ultimate proof of originality and ownership of ideas.
Third, it guarantees sensitive and important data remain unchanged.

MINUSUS Blockchain Card hands in the raw power of blockchain technology to the individual user. No outside organizations or servers control the data. In addition, the blockchain can be archived on removable storage devices, such as USB flash drives, and so it retains physical presence indefinitely, no risk of computers or servers going down and no risk of data loss.

The App is straightforward and easy to use. The user does not need to know anything about the complex nature of blockchain operations. It can be downloaded and installed directly from Windows Store. There is a free trial version option and the app is sold for $10. Check it out in the App Store, here’s the link: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NX20X5FD0N0. Alternatively, search the Windows App Store for Blockchain Card.

MINUSUS LLC is a new startup company that provides Software Development on contract basis. Mainly targeting the US market, MINUSUS is committed to develop innovative and high-quality software.

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