How To Take Care Of Your Freshly Delivered Wholesale Flowers?

How To Take Care Of Your Freshly Delivered Wholesale Flowers?
Bangalore, India

No matter how advanced and revolutionized things are getting, gifting loved one’s flowers could bring a smile to their face and would make their day and make them feel appreciated. Fresh flowers from the Wholesale Flower Market are not out of style and whether for your significant other, your parents or a gift for someone, still everyday flowers are in huge demand.

If have just received Bulk Flowers from your wholesaler, taking care of them is vital so that most of the flowers stay fresh and that it impresses the customers too. If you see the flowers are withering sooner, then there must be something wrong and here are some tips to be aware of so that flowers stay fresh and live longer.

Do Not Neglect Flowers

When it comes to you, you need food, similarly, when you Buy Flowers it requires water too which will help them to stay fresh, survive and stay healthy. To keep the flowers at their best, you should change the water every two or three days. Also, flowers take in a lot of water, if the flower stack is huge, keep adding water every day. Keeping the vases full ensures that the flowers will not dry out, lose the shine and wilt. Also, bacteria can grow in the water causing the flowers to die which could be avoided by frequent changing of water. When you do not pay attention, flowers could have an awful smell.

Opting For Flower Food

Any florists or Flower Growers would know that going for flower food packets could be a beneficial thing that ultimately helps you in keeping the flowers longer causing less loss. Florists always go for food packets that contain type of bactericide which keeps the water fresh and does not let the flowers die. Even if the water has not been changed.

Florists even make their own flower food which constitutes one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of bleach and two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Adding the mixture, add lukewarm water to the vase but make sure that the species of flowers that are in the vase is compatible with such a mixture.

Never Place Them Beside Fruits

If you are a florist and have a fruit shop beside your shop which is not uncommon, make sure the flowers do not get anywhere near the ripening fruits or veggies. Flowers Dealers know that fruits while ripening give off an odourless and invisible gas which is known as ethylene.  Flowers everyone knows are the precursors of fruits. therefore, Though not harmful to humans, ethylene could cause the flowers to fall off their petals and become fruit. If you put your flowers close to them, you will be exposing them to this gas.

Always keep them away from direct sunlight and heat as it would make them wilt sooner. As the flowers are fully developed, they will not be benefitting from sunlight like the potted plants. A cool dark spot is often a recommended place. Trim the stems and each time while changing the water, this should be done. Often the edge of the stems fries out and die making it difficult for the flowers to absorb water.

Therefore, these are some of the tips to keep in mind after receiving flowers from Wholesale Flower Suppliers to keep them living long and fresh.

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