Indian Wedding Decoration Themes Ideas

Indian Wedding Decoration Themes Ideas
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A wedding is a special day for the bride and the groom. A bride has many dreams for her wedding, and she expects them to come true on the big day. Hence, to make the day special and memorable, you should choose the best Wedding Decorations with a theme. Whether it is a lavish wedding or an intimate wedding, a theme plays a very important role in the whole event. Here are some different kinds of themes that you can consider for your wedding.

Classic Theme Wedding Decorations

One of the most famous and traditional ways of wedding decorations are classic decorations. These decorations are simple, yet elegant where lots of flowers are used. The arrangements are done mostly with flowers of different colours. With this theme, you can explore different ways of arrangements to make the venue elegant and attractive. The classic theme can be even at outdoor venues.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration

The decoration for outdoor venues depends on the location and time of the wedding. If the wedding is taking place in the evening, then you should make sure that you have fairy lights installed all over the venue. This will enhance the beauty of the venue and also give enough light for the people. You can also use lanterns in different places to add to the décor and give more light.

In case it is a day wedding, then you can for Flower Decoration. However, the colour theme of flowers should be according to the colour of the wedding attire that you have chosen. The colours of the flower also depend on the venue and location of the wedding.

Royal Wedding Themes

Many people love to go royal during their wedding. For such people, a royal wedding theme is perfect for them. You can choose a classic heritage property within or outside your city. If you are unable to find such a property, then you can create a royal wedding background. You can find some of the best Wedding Resorts In Bangalore that can make your dream come true by providing the best services during your wedding.

Rustic Wedding Theme

If you are planning outdoor weddings, then you can go for a rustic theme. It is a laid-back look that gives forestry or a feeling of being in the garden. This is a perfect theme for outdoor weddings. The rustic theme has become a popular decoration for many weddings today. The theme brings people close to nature and makes the whole venue look elegant.

Tropical Wedding Theme

If you are planning your wedding near the beach, then it can be tricky while choosing the colour pallet. There is a wide range of flowers that are available in tropical areas. You can choose your colour according to the background. However, white and blue go very well with the background. You can also choose to go with a green colour. Make sure that you are using contrasting colours for your décor to get the best Flower Decoration Pictures.

Wedding Theme According To The Attire

Having a wedding theme according the shades of the wedding attire also make an elegant wedding decoration. This is especially true in the case of an indoor wedding. But if your wedding attire is of a darker shade, then ensure that your décor is light coloured. A dark shaded indoor décor can be depressing and can dampen the mood of the people. Also, avoid a colour that is too bright so that it does not hurt the eyes.

There are many themes that you can choose from for your wedding. Before finalising your theme, do remember to consider all that you have planned for.

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