Livpure’s Comforter Blanket for Cool summer

Livpure’s Comforter Blanket for Cool summer
Pune, India

Livpure, over the years, has proven its place in the consumer product market by delivering excellent products. It has sealed its position in the corporate world. Livpure also has come to understand consumer’s need for quality sleep, after ensuring good water and delivering other smart products for your home. Hence, a manufacturer of water purifiers, air conditioners, air coolers, air purifiers, and other home-focused smart solutions, has now launched an array of sleep products that promise a better quality of life through better snoozing at night. Livpure Sleep, a flagship brand of SAR group, brings to you nature and technology together for your home through its sleep products. 


Livpure’s comforters are the latest smart sleep products in the market right now. The All-weather Comforter suits every climate- the best thing for Indian weather you can get. You can buy this comforter online on Livpure’s website as well as other e-commerce websites like Amazon, Saraf Furnitures, HomeTown and many more. Confused about why Livpure is trying to sell comforters at the start of summers? Read to know more! 

Why a comforter in summer? 

Indian summers can be uncomfortably hot and humid. And most of us have air conditioners installed in our bedroom. But let’s face the truth- how many times in the night do you wake up to adjust the temperature of the AC or turn it off or on? This waking up, again and again, takes a toll on your sleep for sure. With a comforter or blanket to the rescue, you don’t need to wake up completely to switch off your AC. You can just pull the duvet over you and go right back to sleep- it will keep you warm enough for the night. 

Understand your body’s thermo-regulation 

An ideal sleep climate relies on maintaining moderate humidity and temperature under the covers during varying weather conditions. Especially, since we all release different amounts of heat from our bodies during the night, bedding is a personal choice. To help create your perfect sleep haven, it is beneficial to understand your typical sleeping habits and preferences as well as how your bed- from the mattress beneath you, the choice of bed sheets to the comforter you pull over you- reacts to your body’s natural temperature during the night. Livpure’s All-weather Comforter is all you need, as it is great for all kinds of temperatures. 

The material of the comforter

Whether your body tends to be hot or cold during sleep time, choose to go for breathable bedding materials to help support sound sleep. Livpure’s All-weather Comforter provides unmatched comfort for every season. It is composed of 200 GSM fillings which keep you warm and cozy and is ideal for temperatures ranging from 12°C – 25°C, making it suitable for different weathers as well. It is made up of hypoallergenic material that prevents germs, microbes, or allergen from entering your bed space. The unique box-stitching keeps internal filling intact and thereby prevents scattering and lumps from falling off regardless of how much you toss, twist, and turn. It is much more durable than other duvets. You can pretty much buy and forget about any problems, and just use it to keep you warm and happy. 


Quilting or box stitching greatly influences thermal insulation of comforters, especially Livpure’s- look for those with internal dividers because the sewn-in tapes help prevent the sudden cold or hot air rushing through by keeping the down filling evenly distributed and enhances the fluffiness by creating separate upper and lower layers in the same comforter.


Also, remember to look at the construction details to know if or what other fibers may be used. Avoid wool comforters that have synthetic liners that will interfere with the thermal regulation and make you uncomfortably sweaty. Regardless of which fabric you choose, evaluate quality by checking for sturdy stitching, consistent coloration, and a suitable smell, as some comforters may have a very synthetic smell that might not be comfortable in the long run. 

What’s your size preference?

Before you start choosing comforters, figure out what size bedding you need for your bed. If you sleep in a queen-sized bed, you might choose a queen-size comforter. However, treat yourself to a king-sized comforter instead. If you go with a larger comforter, you get a little extra length and width to wrap yourself into a burrito during cooler months, as the comforter will last you through those AC needing months to the winters.


An ideal comforter or blanket should be around 8 inches longer than your height. For anyone under 5’9”, a good standard size is 66″ x 86″. Or opt for an oversized bedspread if you or your partner are taller. At Livpure, you will find comforters in different sizes and amazing colors- right from the summery colors to the cool and calm ones. 

Proper cleaning

Always find out the best way to wash the comforter you are inclined towards buying before you purchase. If the label only recommends spot cleaning, consider choosing a different one as you want to be able to give it a good, deep cleaning when necessary and keep it squeaky clean. Some comforters are machine washable, but others are dry clean suitable only.


The thing about Livpure’s All-weather Comforter is that you can machine clean it, and that makes it just easy for you to keep it clean. Wash it on a gentle cycle, with gentle detergent and fabric conditioner. Add an extra rinse to make sure you’re removing all of the detergents. When drying, use dryer balls to help fluff. If the dryer seems stuffed full, take breaks throughout the drying cycle to shake out and fluff the comforter well. 

The bottom line

Buy Livpure’s comforter online- it’s reversible and provides all-weather comfort. It also comes with a one year warranty and is backed by 20 years of research and innovation. What else in the market can you put so much faith into? Come summers and the air conditioning months, all you need is an All-weather Comforter to give you an all-night sound sleep. 

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