Top 9 Unexpected Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Bangalore, India

Weddings are all about decoration, food and two people uniting together. Following are some of the floral decorations that you have not seen in every other wedding.

Garland Draped Ceiling                             

If you want to have a romantic outdoor tent that is stifled by the tent’s exposed support beams, do not worry.  You can cover them up. Choose a luscious and full looking garland. You can consider greenery like maidenhair fern, ivy or boxwood. Add even more intrigue by hanging Amaranthus flower spray, clear glass terrariums and bundles of beautiful bare branches. This also looks amazing as a Cocktail Party Decorations.

Floral Fountain                                                 

Another elegant and classy flower decoration that people love is the floral fountain. Lush hydrangea and cascading greenery are the best flowers to imitate a romantic overflowing fountain, but with much more whimsy. You can also take this decoration to a whole new level of romance by adding some lily pads and floating candles in the pool.

Flower Backdrop                                                     

Set a beautiful venue with the floor to ceiling arrangement of colour coordinate and greenery blooms which sets the scene for some pretty amazing ceremony photos. Today people love the unique urban contestants between the exposed industrial looking walls, crystal chandeliers and garden chic blooms. This is one of the best Indian wedding decoration idea.

Topiary Instillations

A petal lined aisle is one of the best things. The topiary lined aisle with beautiful tress looks like they are straight from the Wonderland is different and looks elegant. If you are going for the neutral or all-white colour scheme which means that you can always play around with the colours of your florals. Do not be scared to match and mix. The wedding stage decoration will attract all your guests.

Hanging Pomanders                                                    

Different colours and sizes of commanders dress up the bare tree from the outdoor ceremony. Just be careful to use some extra support when you hang then, you do not want to fall in the middle of the ceremony. 

The handing pomanders also look amazing as a reception stage decoration. This is unique and looks classy and elegant. It stands out among the ordinary stage decorations that you see in every other wedding.

Air Plants

If you want bouquets that people have never seen before, this one is the best thing to choose. King protea is the main attraction. Here this is supplemented by an impressive air plant and a full cluster of seeded eucalyptus.

The Woodland Runner

If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, you can choose to have this decoration. One can choose to have a striking woodland eques tabletop. Decorated with dark jewel-toned flowers and blooms in the footed urns. This completes the overall look and also adds unique fillers like the fiddlehead ferns. Some couple also uses this to style and decorate the stage where they exchange vows to live together for eternity. This has become one of the most favourite wedding stage decoration Bangalore.

Lampshade Centrepieces

Have a twist to the succulent centrepieces and ask your florist to top off a tall col vase with a lampshade along with moss. If you do not want to leave flowers behind in the centrepieces, you can always fill the vase with your favourite blooms and also scatter some small bud vases with a single stem of tulips, rose or any other flower. This will give a floral touch that would not look too eclectic.

This is perfect for a Garden Wedding Bangalore.

Floral Chandeliers

Putting some upside-down stems can surely transform the light fixtures into some striking chandeliers. Most of the flower-adorned chandeliers are well-equipped with wreaths for some extra structure but this also looks simply elegant.

Therefore choose the style that you love among these and decorate your venue.

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