Unique Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

Unique Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas
Bangalore, USA

Decors of Indian weddings are no longer just about hanging drapes, clichéd arrangements of flowers in the venue, etc. Now not only wedding decorators but also the bride and the groom have started curating fresh ideas that are also unique. There have been many changes in the wedding decorations that are considered to be the best. If you are looking for some unique Indian Greens Wedding Decoration Ideas for your wedding stage, then here are some for you.

Floral Wedding Stage

A wedding stage is one of the main attractions in a wedding venue. This is where people greet the couple. A floral wedding stage makes a lovely décor. You can choose different combinations of flowers along with light coloured drapes. You can cover the background of the stage with flowers along with the false ceiling. You can also choose to use fewer flowers and more drapes to make it look elegant.

Wreath As A Stage Background

In case you are having an outdoor wedding, then you can go for a wreath background. The semi-circle background can be covered with flowers and greens. This will blend and go well with the greenery around you.

Wedding Stage Near The Pool

If you have a venue that has a pool, then you can make your wedding stage near the pool. Wedding Stage Decoration Bangalore can be mesmerizing. The cool breeze and the silent ripples of the water in the pool make the ambiance amazing. It is a romantic way of celebrating your wedding day. There are many in which you prepare the wedding stage and make it look attractive and amazing in front of the pool.

Use Chairs Instead Of Couch

Most of the stages have couches but you may want to ditch them for your wedding. Using chairs can make the stage look elegant and smart. These chairs are ideal when you have an outdoor wedding. However, you should make sure that your chair matches the décor of your venue.

Setting The Stage With Fairy Lights

Having flowers or drapes are not the only through which you make the wedding stage attractive. You can also use fairy lights to brighten up the stage. You can include a few flowers and some natural greenery that will add to the beauty of the stage. However, this stage is ideal for a night or evening wedding.

Reception Stage Decoration

If you want to be standing on a royal reception stage, then build up a backdrop. You can either create a royal backdrop for your wedding stage or use the pillar of your venue to create the ambiance. The structure can be enhanced with drapes and flowers. You can also use chandeliers as part of your decoration for your stage.

Wedding Stage With Motifs

Using motifs of flowers such as lotus are also another way of creating an attractive wedding stage. It not only gives a traditional look and feel but is also a unique way of presenting it. You can give it a finishing touch with a chesterfield sofa and some curtain to go with the complete décor. It makes a wonderful background for wedding photographs. It is also comfortable seating for both bride and the groom.

Geometrically Design Stage

As part of a Marriage Decoration, you can also choose a geometrically designed stage. The lights presented in different shapes in the background are unique and different. This type of stage is modern and different.

There are many Weddings In Bangalore that have some amazing new and unique decorations. These weddings have shown that the trends have been changing when it comes to decorations in Indian weddings. Explore your options and have an attractive and elegant venue décor for your wedding.

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