What To Be Aware Of While Looking For Wholesale Flowers and Leave Growers?

What To Be Aware Of While Looking For Wholesale Flowers and Leave Growers?
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When it comes to a florist or any person who deals in flowers whether a wedding planner or any other job description. The longevity of the flowers depends on the quality of the flowers and the Real Flowers Wholesale you are dealing with. Once they are in your store or you are presenting them, choosing the right wholesaler is crucial. It should be one you could rely on and trust.

Therefore, it makes complete sense when trying to establish a secure relationship with your wholesale imported flowers, someone who would be able to communicate with and vice versa and there would be complete mutual trust and transparency. They should understand the vision of your business, what you are aiming for and evaluate your need and have varieties for you. You have to be very particular about the choice you would ultimately be going for so that later you face no hassle with it. Here are some factors that impact the quality of the flowers.

Factors That Determine Vase Life Of Flowers


While many would opt for transporting the bulk imported flowers in water, many wholesalers do not do thatby store cutting flowers and putting them on water. This could cause an increase in the transportation cost and this something that sellers might not be ready to take responsibility for and the hygiene factor could be compromised as well. It is a lot hassle-free to transport flowers in cardboard boxes rather than adding them to water.

When it comes to the transportation stage, the wholesaler would keep in mind each step, a good one. Ask them whether they are doing refrigerated transportation or water one, as it would determine the shelf life. Even if water transportation is done, a reputed imported flowers dealer would make sure there is a chlorine rinse between loads.


This is another crucial factor that any reputable wholesaler would know how to maintain the optimum temperature. Temperatures above 8 degrees would cause the ageing of the leaves and flowers. Ask them what kind of temperature has been maintained while receiving them from growers and then to the wholesaler and ultimately the seller or vendor. Cold chain management ensures flowers are stored in refrigerated conditions as and per needed. Buy imported flowers after being ensures and satisfied that the wholesaler has taken quality care of it.


                                                                                                                                        When refrigerating, the quality of water and cleanliness matters a lot. All the buckets where flowers would be kept should be sterilized. With bacterial growth, there would be spotting and also a major decrease in vase life. Ask your wholesaler directly on how they treat the flowers whether in transit and while delivering. A good one will use chlorine anti-bacterial agents.

Age Of The Flowers

With technology, florists and flower growers have successfully come up with techniques. And also, variations that ensure that the look of the flowers and freshness stays intact as long as possible. When buying Wholesale Leaves, make sure there are no fungal growths there.

Work with only those wholesalers where you know honesty is appreciated and they would offer you all the information regarding the flowers you are trying to procure. Therefore, these are some of the tips and factors that help you choose the right flower wholesaler so that you face no hassle at your event.

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