Learn how be a successful TV Host from Xpert

Learn how be a successful TV Host from Xpert
Mumbai, India

As a child, you may always dream of being on the big TV screen after watching  your favorite TV shows or movies along with your family and friends but as you grow up your dream of being on the Tv screen changes into your goal and you decide to be TV Host as you loved watching how they would take interviews of various celebrities or how they would host various shows like dance shows, game shows, talk shows, etc 

Now as everything is turning online it gets difficult to turn your dreams into reality as you see online there are so many types of TV presenter’s like Children shows Game shows, Documentaries, Reality TV shows, News, Current affairs shows, Educational shows, Awards show, and Talk show. You start to get confused like which one should I be or which is the best for me Like should I be a game show host like Salman Khan or a talk show host like Jimmy Fallon And will I be a Famous host? 

All these questions start playing in your mind, which leads to confusion and stress!! And you start wishing if you could talk to some expert. Don’t Worry I have got you something which will help you decide which TV presenter is good for you and how can you become a successful host!! 

Well, it is a very convenient and easy to use application the name of the app is Xpert, Yes, you read it right the name is Xpert as the name suggest the app helps you meet various experts from around the world like you can meet your favorite host and learn how they achieved their goal.


About the app –

Xpert – is a social learning app to help you learn from the best. The app consists of India’s experts across each profession who share their experiences, opinions, techniques & advice accumulated over the lifetime of their careers. All delivered in snackable bits via the feed or answered to you directly over chat.


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