Vauxhall Assembled & Delivered 13000 Ventilators for NHS In Confronting With the Covid-19

Luton, UK

One of the top automobiles manufacturers in UK, Vauxhall recently assembled and delivered 13437 ventilators for NHS to help the government in confronting with the Covid-19 more effectively, and thus also accomplished their NHS assignment. 

In April 2020, 15 working staff people were handpicked from Vauxhall’s Vivaro Plant In Luton, they all joined and worked at Smiths Medical for 16 weeks as a part of NHS consortium assembling in responding to and meeting the 10-fold increase in ventilator production described by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson – as mentioned by the Vauxhall.

During their ventilators’ production assignment, the team also managed to raise £300 for charity.

The MD of Vauxhall Motors, Stephen Norman praised the staff for their energetic contribution in accomplishing the assignment and also made an announcement for the return of their staff back to their normal jobs at the plant.

Julia Fagge, Strategy and M&A Director, Smiths Group, also thanked and appreciated all those 15 workers of the Vauxhall Motors who contributed and made efforts to deliver those ventilators for NHS in fighting with the Covid-19.

These are hard times for the whole world, so it’s a responsibility of every human being to make some contributions for the society. The 15 worker staff at Vauxhall Motors who delivered those 13000 ventilators clearly shows that they are doing their corporate responsibility part very well, and we expect same from the all other automobiles or non-automobiles businesses.

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