Arihant Water Park Equipment Wins the Prestigious CII Award 2020

Arihant Water Park Equipment Wins the Prestigious CII Award 2020
Mumbai, India

Arihant Water Park Equipment recently won the 2020 CII Award, the 10th edition of these awards organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry.


The event was themed on “Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self Reliant India),” the government initiative of a self-sufficient India. Designs, products, and other cutting-edge solutions exhibited at the event were largely based on this theme. It is a theme that uses design, research, and development to encourage business continuity, industrial growth, and economic viability with long-term scope.

A grand jury, comprising 16 eminent personalities from the international design community, including from Japan, South Korea, and Kenya, picked Arihant’s “Treasure Ship” product as the winning design over 20+ other shortlisted products in its category. 


The “Treasure Ship Attraction” was conceptualized as a move away from conventional “Water Play Systems.” The idea was to create an unconventional product that engaged consumers with an immersive experience themed on storytelling. After deep customer research and global competitor analysis, a highly-engaging modular pirate ship was seen as an appropriate theme that could increase ROI for the investors, such as real estate developers, park owners, and hotels.


Apart from its primary function as a water play structure, the Treasure Ship has multi-use capabilities, and could also host Private parties and themed events. This was one of the major design points that enabled its long-term economic viability, a focal point of the 2020 CII Awards. Due to its larger-than-life concept, boasting 4 levels, 9 slides, and over 50 water features, the product can function as a “mini water park” in itself, and produce a unique branding opportunity for the park owner, which could also be monetized through merchandizing.


Commenting on the award, Kalpesh Mistry, the Head of Innovation at Arihant, emphasized on its innovation and self-sufficiency.


“We are extremely humbled to win this award. Traditionally, water play structures are designed with a ‘Engineering first, Theme second’ approach. We designed this product with a ‘Theme first, Engineering second’ approach. We wanted to come up with a revolutionary concept that was highly immersive, retaining consumers even outside normal play activities, to increase ROI. So, we created this “mini water park” that can do so much more for the park owners. This is the future of water play structures in India and the world.”


About Arihant Water Park Equipment:

Based in Mumbai, Arihant Water Park Equipment is a division of Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd., which design and manufacture water attractions with immersive experiences built upon the concepts of imaginative play and storytelling. Arihant Water Park Equipment is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, having demonstrated the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. With 700+ projects in 59 countries, they are a leading water park attractions supplier globally.


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