Automated Field Service Management Solution from Talygen

Automated Field Service Management Solution from Talygen
California, USA

All kinds of business management needs are being automated these days in all different niches. Post the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses of all kinds and types are investing in remote working and access from anywhere systems to manage their businesses easily.

Talygen, the global leader in business automation, offers world-class and easy to use Field Service Management Software for all kinds of business organizations around the world. The software is very easy to use and feasible for a number of different types of field service project needs.

Managers and admins can get access to the software solution from anywhere in the world, via any kind of device, at any time of the day to manage all field service needs easily. There integrated features offered here in Talygen’s FSM are designed and developed to not only help you in managing your field service projects but also help you in boosting your overall profits and productivity.

The module also offers a completely free trial of the module using which you can get to learn about the software in an easier manner.

Productive and Powerful Field Service Management Software for All 

  • Work order management
  • Centralized customer portal
  • Mobile-first Approach
  • Merge
  • Job scheduling and dispatching
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Route Planning and GPS Integration
  • Inventory management
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Real-time data transfer

Try the Free Trial of Talygen’s Field Service Management Software now to know more.

About Talygen

Since 2009, Talygen gained a foothold in the market by providing an industry-leading SaaS platform to businesses in order to help them automate and regulate remote work. The all-in-one Talygen, cloud-based solution empowers all-sized organizations and brings them the comfort of managing the entire business efficiently. This fully-featured web-based application is available in 15 languages worldwide to assist clients and users in customizing and systemize workflows on the go.

Field service management is one of the most difficult to manage for any level of field expert. From managing the work orders of the on-field employees to managing each and every invoice of the field service project, field service management software offer it all at amazingly low cost.

Talygen, a leader in business automation, offers a ton of amazing field service management features in centralized and easy to use the software. Try the Free trial now to learn more about the software for your business.

Get the Free Trial of Talygen’s Field Service Management Software and eliminate all your FSM complexities today.

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