Cloud-Powered Virtual Desktops for Remote Learning at Affordable Prices

Cloud-Powered Virtual Desktops for Remote Learning at Affordable Prices
San Francisco, CA, USA

Remote learning is here to stay for a very long time. With the rise of educational uncertainties post the COVID-19 era, educational institutes, as well as students, are turning their focus towards remote learning solutions, such as cloud-hosted virtual desktops.

The global virtual desktop service provider, offers tailored DaaS and VDI for online schools and universities at affordable rates.

The service has been designed and developed for students who need access to powerful remote desktops, educational applications, data, and so forth at remote locations via personal, portable devices.  

With integrated features like enterprise-grade security, GPU-backed VDI, centralized administration, legacy app support, disaster recovery solutions, remote assistance, and more, offers a comprehensive DaaS and VDI for remote learning.

Also,’ extensive solution in VDI for education allows various educational institutes to reduce their IT expenses to a very large extent. It simplifies the implementation of BYOD for on and off-campus educational institutes as well.  

A comprehensive virtual desktop solution packed with advanced features:

  • Shared projects, assignments, and more via a centralized server farm
  • Access cloud-hosted desktops from anywhere, anytime, via any kind of device
  • Easily scale desktops without hardware investments
  • Implement BYOD for all kinds of students
  • Advanced security options
  • Tailored virtual desktop solutions for distance learning programs
  • Microsoft Azure-powered disaster recovery solutions
  • Access legacy apps from anywhere
  • Advanced remote assistance and session shadowing tools integrated
  • Get access to published applications via web-browsers
  • Boost learning efficiency with device lifecycle management

Contact at 650-461-9170 or 469-908-0801 to know more about the perks of DaaS and VDI in education.


About vDesk is committed to helping organizations unlock innovation, engage customers, and boost productivity by providing fast and secure application delivery, desktop virtualization, and cloud-hosted virtual desktop solutions. With vDesk, users get a seamless work experience, and it has a unified platform to secure, manage, and monitor diverse technologies in complex cloud environments. The team behind operate on a strong belief that application delivery and cloud computing solutions should be flexible, dynamic, and above all, simple to use. With a global customer base, is recognized as one of the leading players in application delivery, virtualization, and cloud technology markets.

The rise of remote learning is quite evident and a similar trend is estimated for the upcoming years. Modern cloud-powered innovations will continue to eliminate all kinds of distance learning roadblocks.

Cloud-powered virtual desktop solution providers, such as are not only empowering students to access educational apps and data from remote locations but are reducing educational expenses to a very large extent.

To know more about the possibilities and power of VDI in education and school, contact now at 650-461-9170 or 469-908-0801. You can contact via as well.

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